Thursday 17 November 2011

shooting running raining

Everyone is running around all crazy trying to get all the shots and there isn't time to get the shot with the guy in the thing so you wonder if you need it and you change the dialogue in the last scene to make it not matter so much about the thing but then it rains and you all go running and hiding under the place and your feet get drenched all crazy and the make up girl is crying because her boyfriend or something and the rain stops but the electrics are mashed up and nothing is working so you dry off in the place where there's coffee and you drink a coffee your thirteenth coffee and it makes you feel tired when it's meant to do the opposite and the camera has rain in it and you're like let's shoot and the camera guy is like are you sure and you're not sure but you're sure you're sure so you round up the actors and they're pissed because when they ran for cover they tripped over some stuff and the continuity person is freaking and the producer visits and wears a suit and everyone is running around all soaked and confused and the script pages are all smudged and drowned and the daylight is signing out and won't return calls and you have exactly four minutes to get it and the actor says why would I react in this way and you ramble an answer for two of the hour minutes that makes no sense and you yell action and the actor is crap and you wonder why you're a failure in life and everyone looks at you like you know what you're doing and you mumble something about energy and you point at something and reference an old movie and the actors look at you like you've told them their pets died but you say action again and they nail it all good and you realize it's pitch black now and you're soaking wet and the power is out and you need to get the things you can't see into the van you can't see and you have exactly four hours of sleep before you're shooting again and someone moans about the union or something and you eat a cheese roll that you've seen lying around for days and then you fall asleep. 

Care to share?


  1. Wow. I love this. The lack of punctuation put me right into the director's head and this entire scene. This is so great I have to wonder if this happened to you today.

    I'm sorry but the "you wonder why you're a failure in life" line had me laughing. It's so honest but the entire, rambling thought describes a unique experience. This is great.

    I love that your posts are different and even the way you write something can affect the reader's experience with it.

    I feel like I've haven't fully tapped my imagination after reading this.

  2. I hate it when the coffee makes you tired. Replace actors with kids and all the stuff about the film with desperately trying to get a toddler to bed for two hours, switch the rain with an impossibly messy house, add a complete lack of writing, and that my day yesterday. An unending string of frustration.