Thursday 29 September 2011

My Film Blog Facts

1. All of my writings are spur of the moment.

2. I write fluidly and post immediately. If I'm at the computer I spell check, if I'm using my phone I don't.

3. If there are no images you know I've published from my phone.

4. I give advice a lot but am generally uneasy about doing so because I think that, for the most part when it comes to art: you should do what you want and find your own way.

5. I often delay arranging and conducting interviews due to laziness.

6. My favorite interview on the site is with Scott Rosenberg.

7. I often want to delete posts after publishing, but never do.

8. I would rather my posts be art than give advice on art. i.e. rather than write a blog called 'be creative!' I'd rather write something creative. This is an aim for the future.

9. I have turned down a lot of sponsorship and advertising opportunities, because they're not in line with what I preach.

10. I feel I've yet to find the true purpose of this blog.

Bonus fact: While writing this I listened to 'Many Rivers To Cross' by Jimmy Cliff and 'We'll Meet Again" by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

Care to share?


  1. I would feel uneasy about giving much advice purely because I worry about giving the WRONG advice and I would not want to affect someone's work in the wrong ways.

    p.s. I love the song, "Many Rivers To Cross"

  2. Advice is subjective based on each person's experiences. If someone's asking you for advice, it's because they trust you and your opinions. If you're offering unsolicited advice on your blog, they are your opinions and beliefs on a topic, and the reader can take them to heart (because, again, they trust your judgement) or they can ignore it.

  3. I love this list! Also, your philosophy up at the top there pretty much sums up mine. :)