Thursday 2 June 2011

The Shawshank Redemption 2

Pitch me your ideas for the sequel. The best idea/funniest idea/idea that most intrigues me, will win a DVD copy of something in my collection that I want to get rid of (it's a bad prize, but then you're winning an award for planning a sequel to Shawshank, which makes you kind of evil).

Don't email me, put your ideas in the comments for all to see!

Care to share?


  1. 15 years after the events from the first film. The resort that Andy talked about opening up is a smashing success. They have more money than they know what to do with and no way to launder it. Everything is great...until Red's health goes south. Battling "the cancer" as Red puts it, he knows that he's got nothing left. "I know I should be grateful for meeting you. For showing me that I had more livin' to do, but it looks like dyin' has gone and caught up with me."

    He tells Andy a story about his first days in Shawshank when he was a "fresh fish". The rapings and beatings he took until one day, Red ran into the lower half of the prison. A section no longer in use. It led to caves. Deeper underground and there he saw the most wonderful sight. Gems. Untouched minerals lit up the room enough to see how deep the shaft went, all covered in precious stones.

    Andy wants to no more. What color? The shape? Red tells him. Andy's eyes light up. He knows these rocks. He knows these gems. He knows how valuable they are.

    Then Red dies... "Get busy livin, hell." Dead.

    But we don't know is that Andy was keeping a secret from Red. They were broke. He spent all his money on the remodel of that boat wrecked on the beach and then the resort. In order for the his life to continue. Andy was going to need a miracle. A influx of cash, income...precious stones.

    Andy knows what he has to do. He's got to break back into Shawshank and find those caves!

    "The Shawshank Redemption 2: Red's Treasure"

    1. billiant idea michael , i'd watch it

  2. I love this blog.

    But "Shawshank" is my favorite film. Even imagining a sequel get's me sick. Sorry.

  3. Shawshank II: Inner Dufr-ace.

    Apprehended on the lam by the Mexican military, Andy is forced to work as accountant on a top-secret miniaturisation project - with Red as his assistant.

    In a freak accident, Andy is shrunk to the size of a single-cell and injected into Red's bloodstream. He must avoid the twin dangers of a hostile immune system and the interminable boredom of his incarceration, and navigate a two decade journey to escape via Red's sewage outlet pipe.

    He must also contend with the relentless rumbling of Red's internal dialogue voiceover throughout.

  4. The film begins straight after shawshank whereby Andy and red talk about fun times in prison ... pan back to reveal someone watching them. Its a pirate.

    Two years later red and Andy set sail and are caught by pirates and taken on board the pirates ship ... its practically a jail-boat and the film forces red to escape whilst Andy is accustomed to pirate life and becomes institutionalized.

    Johnny Drop makes a cameo too

  5. Hey Duke,

    What if Stephen King wrote a sequel to the novella that the movie was based on and Darabont and the original cast signed on. Would you watch that? Just curious.

  6. No.

    It would never happen. Too much time has past - and the characters would make no sense.

    I would of course see it, considering I must go to the screenings the studios ask me to go to.

    But, I'd still be upset.

  7. Michael, you win! Hilarious! Email me your home address and I'll send you a bullshit DVD you'll never want to watch! :)

  8. In this, the focus shift to next generations and new characters.

    While Andy and Red leading their lives in different happy ways...
    Andy receives information that his daughter is jailed for the financial fraud/money laundering charges. The story from there can be taken to two directions.
    1. A courtroom drama
    Andy plans to reopen the case but he is not in a position to argue the case by himself. He takes the help of a intern who he briefly met earlier.
    2. Another shawshank escape
    - with younger generation showing extra skills and stunts

    Red also has a parallel story in which he runs a school and comes across a special kid. He takes interest in the life of the kid and would help him sort out the family problems. Red's messages in the movie is "Childhood experiences are worth to be carefully managed'. A child can become a thief or police officer depending upon the childhood experiences. He looks at his own life(recap), how it left him in the jail.

    At the end both Andy and Red are happy of their achievement and walked in the beach once again.

    Maybe I took this competition bit too serious:-) Is this story still valid?

  9. The day after Andy's escape, the next batch of 'Fresh fish' arrive at Shawshank prison. Charlie happens to be one of them, a man who never utters a word around the prison but always recieves the worst treatment from the guards, after 10 years, a much wiser Haywood asks him "Whats your last name son?" and he simply replies "Dufresne".

  10. Andy and red crash land there space shuttle on that terrible planet of the apes. And instead of finding the statue of liberaty, they find the ruins of shawshank on the beach.

  11. If there ever was a sequel i'd say that it would have to be about something Red or Andy did that one or the other of them don't know why as one or the other hasn't told them about it. They start being chased by the police and maybe even end up in the prison that the guy who killed Andy's wife it in, from there it can have a nice twist. It has to be something that happened in Shawshank a while back which is confessed by one of Andy's/Red's friends because of something. With a good story line and dramatic music it could be turned into an actual good sequel!