Friday 24 June 2011


Believe the hype. The film is great.

Kristen Wiig steals the show. It is her show. She deserves it. Undeniably one of the most talented actresses and naturally gifted comedians in the business; this film showcases everything about her that is awesome.

And she's not just funny. She pulls at your heart in this movie. There are times when she communicates giant pangs of loneliness or intense and heartbreaking vulnerability -- and she's able to do it with just a look. A moment.

That's what great acting is, capturing a moment. The best actors can do it in a millisecond by doing something or making a decision to not do something. It's like Tom Hanks in 'The Green Mile' when he's listening to John Coffey through the prison cell. He just sits and listens, but somehow he also communicates pretty much every emotion known to man. I'm exaggerating, but only slightly. Great acting is when they make it look simple. They turn nothing into everything.

Wiig is beautiful, too. Not beautiful in the way that all the women in the movies are. Just beautiful in the way that women are beautiful. She's real. It's so much more interesting than looking at Megan Fox bouncing around in Transformers. I'm aware that women's looks always get mentioned when they're acting; I never review a Kevin Spacey film and then talk about his looks. But I guess my point here is --- in this film, and not just with Wiig, but with all of them -- they seem real. I can relate to them. They don't look like some insane and unrealistic 'dream girl'. And as a result, the women in 'Bridesmaids' are more appealing.

There are moments when Wiig will break your heart in this movie. There are times when she's jealous, resentful, lonely; in fact-- for most of the film, she is really lonely.

Yet she's also hilarious. Truthful pangs of loneliness but with big laughs. That's not easy to do. You just have to see her in this movie.

Care to share?


  1. I agree. I saw this movie this week and loved that the actresses were more 'real' than in most films. Additionally I truly laughed in some parts and felt her pain in others. This film surprised me.

  2. Kristen Wiig is phenomenal!
    In fact I haven't been so taken with an actress since I first saw Scarlett Johansson in Lost In Translation.

  3. I've seen this twice already, and I'm ready to go see it again. The scene at the bridal shower had me laughing and crying at the same time. Kristen Wiig is now my personal hero for writing and starring in what has become one of my favorite movies of all-time--brilliant, all-around.

  4. Never seen something like it. IM glad to see it first from you/

  5. Kristen Wiig is my new comedic hero. Well, her and Emma Stone. Bridesmaids was FANTASTIC and heart-breaking and hilarious all at once, and a lot of it was Kristen Wiig. Dear Universe, when I grow up and I have a real acting career can I be just like Kristen Wiig? kthanks....