Monday 30 May 2011

The Notebook

'The Notebook' is one of those films that a lot of people call their favourite movie and a lot of other people say "uh, It's boring". That's when you know a film is really something, when it has groupies. And I don't mean the type of groupies that 'Twilight' has. That was hyped and sold by the studios & then bought by the teenagers.

But 'The Notebook' affects a certain type of person. Its following built up over the years (and it only came out 7 years ago).

The idea behind the film is that love is the guiding principle of our lives.

The reason most of our lives are a mess is that we can't figure out what it all means. A good movie gives us answers. The main concern of the characters in the movie is their relationships. The love they feel. Everything else is secondary, and for two hours It's the same for us.

The best films aren't realistic, people get that wrong. The best films present an idea, they paint a picture, and they convince us It's real. 'The Notebook' convinces us that love conquers all, that love can achieve anything. There are those of us in the world who, despite evidence to the contrary, believe that love is what matters. How we held onto this notion before cinema, I really don't know.

Care to share?


  1. I've been Notebooked. Watched it really not knowing anything about the story and cried my eyes out.

  2. The performances in this film are fantastic! That's what made the film for me, so much heart.

  3. Yes you nailed the essence of this movie Kid. It's such an unconditional idea of love, the kind that we are all idealizing. Most likely the main reason it has become such a beloved romance classic even though as you said, it's only been out for 7 years.

    The only movie that made me cry to this day... ahum...

  4. I agree with your viewpoint about great filsm not being realistic, it's the idea that makes it powerful.
    I started paying attention to how people relate to movies and books. Why they think and see or hear what they do from them. It was certainly a revelation. It can help you put your relationship (or potential relationship)with them in perspective pretty well.

  5. I first heard this story as a book on CD for a short road trip, so I wanted to get something that was just long enough for the trip and this was the only thing available at the time. I'm not big on soppy romances, so I wasn't expecting much. And, for the first 90% of the story, I didn't get much. But, as I sat in my driveway at the end of the trip for the last 20 minutes or so of the story, I sobbed my eyes out! I knew nothing of the story beforehand, but I thought it was one of the most poignant and beautiful love stories I had ever heard. The movie had the same effect. I also loved A Walk to Remember, but basically anything else Nicholas Sparks has done since has not had nearly that effect on me.

  6. Must admit I am SO not a fan of The Notebook. Just not for me!

  7. I just watched it again this past weekend. One of my favorites.

  8. I love The Notebook! It's one of the few films I can watch over and over again and cry every time. The unconditional love that this film speaks to is something most people wish for themselves. Not to mention the performances in this film were pitch perfect.

    I plan to buy both the DVD and the book one day but for now I watch it when it airs on TV every chance I get.