Sunday 5 December 2010

Screenplay Competition WINNER


"28 Slides Later" by CAROLINE COXON
"Ahimsa" by C E STEWART
"Equal Wrongs" By PATRICK O'RILEY (2009's Winner)
"Health Concerns" By Z. Z. FRANKEL
"Triple Standards" By MICHELLE GOODE



On Friday night, the competition judge JOE LEONARD (Editor, "GLEE," Writer/Director, "HOW I GOT LOST") said to me "I'll read them over the weekend," but then two hours later he had been inspired to read them all and get back to me. That's the type of guy Joe is. We consulted a bit on the different screenplays -- and it's important to say, he liked them all. He said "All of the screenplays really were impressive given the limitations, and I had a great time reading them and a difficult time figuring out which one I liked best!"
So we spent a day looking at the scripts again, and figuring out which ones we liked the most. In the end, for Joe, it was "AHIMSA" by C E Stewart. He said ""Ahimsa" created the most colorful world given the chinese-finger trap restrictions of your contest. It is also a slightly insane script that still managed to convince me of its reality"

In the new year I will be looking at doing a Film Directing Competition, based on 'Ahimsa' -- more details soon. If you would like to see the winning screenplay, please email me and I will forward it onto you. 

Care to share?


  1. I thought I posted this already - d'oh!

    Many congratulations to C E Stewart.

    I'm looking forward to reading the screenplay and seing the film(s)

  2. My e-mail address? Or KITFR's?

  3. Congrats to the winner! Will have to keep my eye out for it, im also just been given word that i am going to Sun Dance due to one of my friends whose going to enter a film they made, i just have to do some searching to figure everything out for them, lol fun.

  4. Congratulations.

    Hope you will be able to publish the script or the resulting movies on your blog.

  5. Congrats to C.E. Stewart!

  6. I have posted my finalist entry here...