Wednesday 22 December 2010

Divisions In The Film Community

Film lovers have a tendency to be very devisive. Terms like 'film buff,' or 'film geek' - what do they mean? What positive things do we attribute to those terms and what negative ones?

Pretentiousness is everywhere - you can hardly get into a conversation about movies without one person oppressing the other with righteousness and condescension. Does someone who loves Truffaut love films more than someone who loves 'Big Mommas House 2' or do they just love Truffaut more? Why does it matter?

Care to share?


  1. I always find myself in this predicament; I tend to get very upset when I have to defend myself for liking a film. Are others just being pretentious; or are they just trying to have an intelligent argument? Does it really matter whether it's a piece of art, or that I liked it?

    I used to think this was just a film school concurrence, but it certainly continues in my current life. In my opinion, there are many types of films: ones that have tight stories, excellent cinematography, compelling characters or entertaining feats. A fabulous movie may have all of these things, or just a few.

    I don't think a lack of any of these elements should influence the quality of a film as long as it is engaging and entertaining. And above all, it comes down to audience opinion. I can appreciate a film for it's look and prestige, but I don't have to like it. And conversely, I can love a film that is not particularly impressive visually.

    Whatever the case may be, if a film has worth, it will prove so in that some part of it's legacy will live on after it's time.

  2. It comforts me to know that someone does! :)

    Perhaps there is hope for us unpretentious folk.

  3. Indeed. I get all kinds of shit for liking Richard Kelly, which is ironic, because he's pretentiousness personified.