Friday 10 December 2010

JOHN CAGE Factor - An ALLY MCBEAL themed competition

John Cage went through a change. He became Barry White. No-one could defeat John 'The Biscuit' Cage in the courtroom and no man could match him in the bedroom. And it was because of him, Barry. John would convince himself that he is Barry White.

You too can go through this transformation by entering the John Cage Factor competition. Below are two videos of John Cage and the colleagues at his law firm as they become one with Barry.

Your job is to learn the John Cage dance (either version), dance it, and film it. You can do it alone, or with friends, or with strangers in the street.

The deadline is 31st December 2010. So if you're struggling to find people to dance with you, wait until they're drunk at Christmas. Then you can get the whole family doing the John Cage moves as Barry White sings 'You're The First, You're The Last, My Everything.'

Film it and upload it to YouTube. Make sure you have your names and a mention of Kid In The Front Row in the credits.

The winner will receive a CD of Barry White's greatest hits. Please share this out - we need to find people who are mad enough to enter, I know they're out there!

Wherever you're from, whatever gender you are, whatever your camera quality - you are welcome! I want your entries! Good luck to all!

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  1. What a brilliant show! Fun idea for a contest...

  2. I am so doing this, me and my mom used to watch this show all the time