Sunday 16 May 2010

Review Of A Film

A film is a form of entertainment whereby a person, or people, watch a story take place on a screen. Dogs and cats also watch them but are less likely to pen a review.

Films tend to begin with opening credits, which I find very impressive as they enable you to find out the name of the film as well as who starred in it.

The majority of a film tends to be a mix of audio and visual - allowing an audience to both hear and see. This is a fantastic idea which I find to be wonderful, although only if I have a screen and speakers. Many people prefer audio only, so I will be reviewing 'radio' in the future.

Films sometimes tell a story, which is fabulous. Rumor has it that after the invention of film many people thought that instead of telling stories they should instead tell instructions, or perhaps even tell the time. Luckily they settled on stories but this has been abandoned by Hollywood in recent years.

Films last for two hours, except for really bad ones which run closer to three. Films have also introduced the world to radical ideas not seen in real life such as: competent lawyers, happy endings, and women who return phone calls.

Films are let down by a strange thing at the end, where lots of names scroll up a screen for seven minutes, although this is said to be preferable to watching an Eddie Murphy movie.

Overall I give films four stars out of five. They can be very entertaining and original, although some things are terrible, such as their influence on gun crime, the pressure they put on women to be beautiful and Brett Ratner's filmography.

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  1. Another gem of a post kid, it took me by surprise too, nearly spat my mouthful of tea all over the keyboard in a fit of giggles :)

  2. Nice review and description analysis, well done!

  3. Haha, this is a great start to my morning. I don't know about the dogs and cats comment though. My kitten often blogs about his pick of the flicks.

  4. lol good thing they decided not to have films tell the time... I'd get all twitchy just watching that.

    And thank the good lord they have moved away from putting ALL the credits at the beginning of the film...

  5. I totally agree with bad films running closer to three hours. There's always so much that can be taken out to get closer to the heart of the film.

    I love talking about films. Short films and student made films are excellent fodder for discussion.