Wednesday 21 April 2010

The UK General Elections.

The election campaigns are hotting up. They're promising 'change' and 'big ideas' and doing it by bad mouthing the other guys. Just the other day, David Cameron, the leader of the blue lot, said "I am going to redouble the positive. I am going to accentuate everything positive." In the same speech he called voters "desperate" for considering the yellow team and hurled abuse at the grumpy dude in the red corner for something to do with "fudge" and spending everyone's money.

The British electorate have been accused of being apathetic - but I challenge the Politicians to hand any voter a gun and then stand together against a large wall, the results would not be apathetic.

Anyways - I would like to announce that the Kid In The Front Row will officially be endorsing JED BARTLET.

"You know, I was watching a television program before with a sort of a roving moderator who spoke to a seated panel of young women who were having some sort of problem with their boyfriends, apparently because the boyfriends had all slept with the girlfriends' mothers. Then they brought the boyfriends out, and they all fought; right there on television. Tell me: These people don't vote, do they?"


Care to share?


  1. did you watch the debate last week? I really actually liked nick clegg - I mean, no politician is really nice (cynical I know, but it's true) but he seemed the best. I also don't hate gordon brown that much - I'm torn between the two. dislike cameron though. or rather dislike the conservatives as a whole. although is prize gold :D xx

  2. At least you get to talk about your elections. We in Singapore are still talking about 2.5% fare reductions in public transport that somehow or other lead to people spending $16 MORE a year. WTF.

  3. Kixes, you're right - we do have privileges in the UK and, of course, those in a privileged position rarely recognize their privileges. The fact I am able to be comfortably apathetic is, in itself, an important fact!

    Anahita - that is HILARIOUS! I watched the debate. Similar to you, I thought Brown came across well, in fact, quite leader like (clearly most people didn't feel this!) and Clegg of cause came out like a Champion, but then- he had the easy role of outsider; he was always going to be strong in the debate, I think.

    I struggle to relate to Cameron, his campaign, or anything regarding him; but there you go.