Saturday 10 April 2010

That Woman.

That woman, you know the one, the one who arrives 14 minutes into a film, sits down -- and then begins to whisper to the person next to her. Although, it's not a whisper, it's drowning out the dialogue. And you hear that horrible creepy sound of her lips from the row behind you - it's like she's trying to slurp and juice up saliva and lick her lips as she talks drivel to the friend next to her. It's anything but quiet, and it's fu*cking annoying.

Should these types of cinemagoers be dealt with by:

a) Extermination.

b) A $5000 fine.

c) Extermination and a $5000 fine.

Let me know.

Care to share?


  1. Oh. Shit. They must be exterminated, and then everybody in the theatre they interupted get dibs on their stuff, to be evenly divided.

  2. haha, it bugs the crap out of me when people talk during the whole movie. and i know EXACTLY what slurping sound you are talking about. its actually a joke in my family to go up to each other and whisper like that in each others ears, with that suuuper annoying sound.

  3. why hello, victor meldrew! :P x

  4. So you like women with fake tits running in bathing suits but not women who talk. Good to know. Douchebag.