Thursday 29 April 2010

Sing A Song For Me.

"The bus is running,
it's time to leave,
the summer's gone,
and so are we."

This song, this version of this song, is exactly how I feel today.

Counting Crows - Miami (acoustic)

How do you feel? Youtube links in the comments please!

"If you knew everything,
If you could see everything before it happened,
then what would you do?
If you knew that the love you threw away,
that it meant everything to her,
If you knew that you could ruin her,
then what would you do?"

Care to share?


  1. after that

  2. Something of this I think

  3. As this is yesterday's post, this is how I felt yesterday...

    And this is today :)

  4. LEAT, great music! Completely new to me.

    Martin, your recommendations were calming to me earlier today :)

    Wild Celtic, thanks for those - though I don't love them personally!

  5. I love your blog.