Saturday 24 April 2010

Ten Movie Facts About Me

Film blogger Danny King has passed the baton on to me - to tell you 'Ten Movie Facts About Me', and then I need to nominate two people to do the same. TheUmwashedMass and Mike Lippert, if you're reading, please carry this on.

I am currently in Poland, and blogging from an app on my iPhone, which explains why there are no hyperlinks, but hopefully the guy's mentioned here will post in the comments so you can find them.

So, ten movie facts about me.

1) I can't always watch movies. I can often get bored during them. There are people who can watch any movie, no matter how bad, all the way through: I am not one of them.

2) I think American screen actors are far superior to English.

3. I am always happy to watch 'You've Got Mail'

4. I find the whole Bruce Willis segment of Pulp Fiction really boring.

5. I have only recently begun sitting in the front row at the cinema, I like it.

6. I studied film for one week. I achieved two things, 1) I had to write a paper analysing a scene for metaphors and mise-en-scene and all that nonsense. I wrote sarcastically about a trivial scene from Jerry Maguire. I didn't stick around to find my grade for it. 2) I disagreed with the entire hall of people about the meaning of a silent film. It was a clip of someone walking across a road. The lecturer said it was made to represent class difference and was a metaphor for society at the time, I said it was a man crossing the street and if it was a metaphor for anything it was a metaphor for a man crossing the street and that the reason I think the director had him walking across the street was just because, at that time, at the birth of cinema, walking across a street, on screen, was very interesting.

I never saw any of these people again.

7. I rarely like French movies.

8. I often like Italian and Danish movies.

9. My directing style is not very visual. I don't like to distract from what the actors are doing.

10. I like going to see movies in other countries, in languages I don't understand. It forces me to concentrate in a different way and it's fascinating to see how different cultures respond to films.

Care to share?


  1. 4/5--You're not the only one.

    I don't like Italien movies, too...I dunno, big. Danish are too somber for me. French just give me a headache.

    Excellent list.

  2. I'm already way ahead of ya on this ten facts thing Kid, but thanks for the call out. Props to 2, I totally agree. 6 also made me laugh because I know exactly what you are talking about after 4 years of film studies. Everyone in the class was either not worthy to be talking about movies or exactly like the kids Zwigoff so perfecty mocks in Art School Confidential. Good list.

  3. Cheers, Kid. Here's my version:

  4. Ha, I love your #6 answer, and that is something I find myself experiencing while I'm currently taking my first film class.

    Oh well, hopefully it will get better by college. I hate when my teacher asks such unanswerable and purposeless questions like the one you described.