Saturday 20 February 2010

Woody Allen - Wild Man Blues - where can I see it?

I have been trying to track down this documentary for a while now. 'Wild Man Blues' is a film that follows Woody Allen and his Jazz band to Europe on tour.

I desperately want to see it and was hoping that by posting it here; through luck, or coincidence or cosmic force, someone would pass by who knows how I could get a copy. If you have any ideas, please be in touch. If this works out, I'll start asking for other things, like three picture deals with DreamWorks.

*Update - I just realized this isn't so difficult afterall, It's available on Region 1. So I just need to import it.

Care to share?


  1. Your public library system probably has it. I'm at my local library and there's a VHS of it staring me in the face as I type this.

  2. I have a dvd, so I supose you can get in amazon

  3. Thanks for your support