Wednesday 3 February 2010

Up In The American Airlines Air Review.

George Clooney Gets on an American Airlines plane, and then afterwards stays at a Hilton Hotel. He then tells a few people he wants to become a special frequent flyer member person thing like only six other people in the world have ever been. He then gets in a rental car from Hertz and stays at another Hilton Hotel before boarding an American Airlines flight to St Louis, before boarding an American Airlines flight to Omaha or some place.

Upon landing he gets in a little Hilton Hotel travel bus which takes him to a Hilton Hotel where everyone knows him because he's a regular at the Hilton, probably because the staff are so lovely.

He gets in his Hertz rental car and drives to the airport where they only have American Airlines planes. By this point, the plot is thickening, as he wants to go and sleep with a woman who is waiting in a Hilton Hotel somewhere across the country.

The film ends with George Clooney boarding an American Airlines flight, after someone shouts "You forgot your Hertz Gold Card!" as he leaves a Hilton hotel whilst Tom Hanks delivers the Fedex package.


American Airlines
Hilton Hotels

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  1. I still haven't seen this movie, but I know I'll really notice the product placement now!

  2. You forgot to mention the powerful moment where Clooney jumps the queue and a woman says "He just gets to cut in?" or summat and the dude at the counter goes "We give priority service to our most loyal customers" or summat and Clooney turns around and goes "Their privilege packages are really great, you should check them out!" and hands the woman a leaflet. Just like watching a commercial.

  3. I'm writing a script right now about Farmer's Insurance and Chase! Oops, I mean about a young girl who just gets her license and invests her small allowance into a bank that gives her enough interest to attend the best college!

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  5. I got to the Hertz logo and couldn't stop laughing! This is a great post. I was waiting to see if someone else enjoyed this movie like I did.
    I've been working so much, the way Clooney's out of touch with people hit home when I first saw it. I never noticed the product placement. What was a movie that left me feeling sad is now a hilarious, "Greatest movie ever sold"!

    Great post kid. I will never see this the same way.
    P.S. I'm still laughing.