Wednesday 17 February 2010

Dream Analysis Needed.

I am about to embark on writing a new screenplay. I have these two ideas that have been swimming around; one is a comedy - guy meets girl, guy can't get girl, guy does insane things, etc. The other is a more serious tale about twentysomethings and their struggles.

Last night, I had a dream. A dream that I stole a car, drove it into a bunch of shops, smashing all the windows. People started getting pretty pissed at me, but I blamed it all on Steve Martin. Steve Martin and me argued a bit, but then I got away with the crime, with Steve Martin left behind. At this point, I woke up.

Now, I see two potential meanings:

1. Steve Martin is a comedy guy. And me stealing a car, smashing things up, and blaming him is quite funny. So it makes me think I need to focus on writing my comedy screenplay.

2. Steve Martin has made terrible comedies now for many years. Also, in the dream, things are getting smashed up. Would me writing this comedy be a car wreck?

I can't figure it out. Any thoughts?

Care to share?


  1. I think Steve's visit is telling you to write the comedy. Just my opinion.

  2. ....well if it was a few years back I'd of said it was a clear sign to write the comedy, Steve Martin can be a very funny man. But, now days the only Steve Martin films I enjoy are the ones with Hilary Duff in them, so perhaps it's a sign not to do it?

    right i must shoot, i need to fall asleep and dream of Hilary Duff

  3. I'd say it means you should make the comedy; however, I'm a bit biased, in that I like comedies more than dramas.

  4. You're thinking too present term. This is clearly a foretelling of the future. Whatever you do, do NOT cast Steve Martin in either film you write. Alec Baldwin is more fun.

  5. yes, was going to say that, Steve Martin not the it guy anymore.

    He's too slapstick. I haven't seen too much comedy lately, so can't recommend anyone.

    Wait, one guy just came to mind, the guy who played Barton Fink; John Turturro. I like him :) yes :)

  6. I love that you guys are already casting my unwritten movie - which could be about 19 year old women or 95 year old war vets, yet you're casting already! :)

    Anyways, if you have John Turturro's number, I'll give him a call and see if he's interested in the project.....

  7. Sounds like stealing a car and smashing shit is something wreckless that a teenage would do and Steve Martin being old represents the other choice so it's like you were trying to blame him for writing the teenager one when really his presence was telling you to do the other one all along.


    I looked up Steve Martin, but to my dismay there was no information available for that dream symbol.

  9. My thoughts are you're probably better at dream interpretation than I am.

  10. I can't analyze dreams to save my life, mostly because mine are freakin' obvious.

    That said, go for the comedy? ;)

  11. Sounds like you should just make your dream into a movie.

    And man, if this was last year, I could totally get Turturro's number.

  12. ^Not trying to sound like a big shot. I just interned at a place where he was part of the board.