Friday 15 June 2012

Off We Went

We went running and rolling and riding through the British countryside in search of life, cause we knew it was out there in the land where phone receptions died and the animals roamed so alive.

We stumbled past roadblocks -the inner ones- which cried at us to stay home and do what grown ups do, but we grabbed a ride to the mountainside as the rains came down and the grass got greener and the woods smelled sweeter.

And some grumpy voice from within us kept pushing us home -- things to schedule, reports to check, thoughts to share. Yet something kept us moving on and out further up the road to anywhere, something that came from a deeper place than what we'd been feeling.

It was out there. The magical mystery IT. The thing. The place that's simultaneously out there in the wild and also here in our hearts. But you have to go all the way there, to get all the way inside here. Far away, free and in the world where the quietness speaks so loud.

We got away from immediate answers and quick solutions and listened to what the world said. It told us, "walk the British Isles and feel the history in each footstep". We understood and bolted for the nearest field and the nearest path and the furthest hillside. 

We felt the souls of old Kings and the spirit of everyone we'd ever known. We breathed in the fresh air and promised to keep walking until we found all the answers.

We were hooked on the wisdom of the outdoors and desperate for the key to life. We kept walking and talking, ever conscious of our desire for meaning. And that's when it stopped.

We felt down and dead, desperately wanting to know where the voices of the skies would lead us. We thought about it a little and discovered our sadness at not being able to extract absolutely everything. Eventually we realised we were getting ourselves down so we decided to just carry on and enjoy ourselves. 

We walked once more, in a direction somewhat resembling home and got all lost in muddy fields and thoughts of love and adventure.

The journey was perfect. We realised, the world HAD spoken after all. The wisdom was in the walking and dreaming. The action we'd taken was to get out there on foot, which was the goal as well as the gift. The world told us "Keep exploring and ignore the voices which think they have all the answers". 

We looked at each other and felt the sparkle of a road travelled and connection made. It got freezing but we felt the warmth of Britain's wisdom. 

Care to share?

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  1. This is a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing these thoughts.