Thursday 15 March 2012

Scott Rosenberg's Zen Approach To Screenwriting

Wisdom from screenwriter Scott Rosenberg (Con Air, Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead, Beautiful Girls)

"When you think you have a great script - if it really is great - they will find you. The town is starving for great scripts. It sounds awful and pat and overly simplistic: but if you want to succeed as a screenwriter, write a dope script. I am not saying that shitty scripts don't get made. Of course they do. More times than not. And a good 65 % of working screenwriters should have their laptops revoked. But at some point, they wrote that one. That one that people noticed. A Zen approach is a good one. Don't do a mass mailing introducing yourself to every agent in town. Don't foist your script on the guy at the next table in the diner, who happens to be reading "THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER". Just know that they will find you. It sounds strange. It's not. L.A. is a city fueled by the frantic frenzy to find the next great script. The key is write it. And then watch them tumble..."

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  1. This is kind of reassuring. Unfortunately, it means moving to L.A. Uggh.