Tuesday 6 December 2011

Tuesday Dialogue #6: JOE BERLIN & STEFFI DANDRIDGE (Woody allen & Goldie Hawn)

They're in Paris. They've left the party and they've gone for a walk. They danced for a bit, and now, they're sitting down and sharing some thoughts.

STEFFI: You know over the years I often wondered what would have happened if we'd stayed together?

WOODY: That's something we're never gonna know, y'know? We've managed to produce a fabulous daughter though. I mean, she is unbelievable. She's got your-- your looks, fortunately, and my--my magic personality, so--

Yeah she is wonderful.

She's great -- and and you've been very happy with Bob, so that's--

Oh he's wonderful. He is.

I think he's great. I don't think you could have done better. I think he's a fabulous guy. Of course there have been a few times you'll admit; that uh, you did call me in dire emergency and I had to come by and bail you out, on a couple of things.

I know. 

Two major fights with Bob I remember. And one disgusting lump that turned out to be completely benign, so you panicked beyond belief---

I know, you were there for me. 

And you for me, y'know. And I-I appreciate it. I think, actually, we've been better friends than husband and wife. 

Yeah probably. But nobody made me laugh the way you did Joe. I love Bob with all my heart, it doesn't matter, it's just that you-- you could always, y'know, you could always push that button.

Why is that so important? 

I don't know. I don't know. Maybe we're crazy. 

So did that girl that dumped you today, did she make you laugh?

I don't know -- I have to put that behind, y'know.

Funny how life goes. 

It's amazing. Amazing. 

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  1. Wouldn't it be great if divorced people really interacted like this? I've never seen it in real life, but it seems common in movies. Sigh.