Friday 16 December 2011

Recent viewings.

Harold and Kumar's Xmas movie 3D: Watchable but not great. 3/10

Hugo 3D: Magical. 9/10

Breaking Away: Coming of age flick from the late 70's. Intriguing. 7/10

Little White Lies: French, wonderful. 10/10

The Way: subtle, touching, Martin Sheen rules. 8.5/10

Moneyball: I worship Sorkin but didn't love this. I know I should. I'll try again on DVD. 7/10

Fear Me Not: Small Danish film. Ulrich Thomsen is amazing. 8/10

My Week With Marilyn: Enchanting. 8.5/10

50/50: At times touching, at times average. But mostly very good. 7.5/10

Care to share?

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