Thursday 6 October 2011


These are not the types of films I normally blog about --- because they're the films you go to see when there's nothing else on, and afterwards you leave and instantly forget about them.

Except that, they were kind of good. 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' has some really original moments, a lot of heart, and there are genuine laughs. One particular moment about three quarters of the way through was unexpected and HILARIOUS -- it caught everyone watching by surprise. 

But it dragged on. The film should have ended but then it stumbled on for another 30 minutes. Why do they always do that? 

'What's Your Number?' was, in many ways, a poor film. Mostly because of the script. The concept was about a woman who decides to go back through her twenty ex-boyfriends to see if any of them are 'the one'. The problem is, they introduce her love interest (her neighbor), before they properly introduce the concept. So, before she's even set off to investigate her ex-boyfriends, we already know she's going to end up with him; which renders the whole story pointless.

The film was too obvious. And there were no surprises. But luckily Anna Faris is very good, and so was Chris Evans. 

Is Anna Faris generally seen as a good actress? I don't know, I've never really followed her work, but she was good in 'What's Your Number?'. She didn't do anything groundbreaking, and it wasn't that she was particularly great in a way I can pinpoint -- it was just that, she lets you in. You feel like you know her. The film was primarily about her loneliness. And there were times when the audience couldn't help but go awwww. That's why people love Jennifer Aniston; and that's why Tom Hanks was the man in the 90's. Because they open up and let you be their best friend. 

That isn't 'good acting' and it's not a skill. It's a certain type of humanity -- it's personality and character. You can't teach that. It's hard to know if you have it and you can also lose it. Case in point: Tom Hanks. We don't feel like we have access to who he is anymore.


Crazy, Stupid, Love: Some very funny moments, including one extremely hilarious scene. Full of heart and good intention. Stand out performances from Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Analeigh Tipton. Also a great scene near the end when Carell tells Gosling he'll never be able to trust him (it's great because it avoids cliches and delivers something real).

What's Your Number?: An average film. Average-to-poor script. Also had the opportunity to finish thirty minutes before it did, but they dragged it on. Why? No-one knows. Despite some daft writing; the actors are wonderful and keep you engaged, and the direction by Mark Mylod allows for some nice moments between the characters.

Care to share?


  1. So although Crazy, Stupid, Love is drawn out a bit, do you recommend it? Great info, thanks!

  2. Crazy Stupid Love was quite excellent, until, as you noted, it should have ended after the climatic scene in the yard, but alas, it did not. For that it gets a solid B + from me for originality, and Ryan Gosling's abs, and Emma Stone's adorableness, and a lot of very unpredictable, very original humor. Loved it!

  3. Well, I guess I will pick the first movie then. It sounds better AND it has Ryan Gosling in it! I just read an article about him today. The writer said that Gosling is about to become a huge film star and that he has not -so far- made the same movie twice. I think that's pretty true. Do you agree, Kid? Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  4. Crazy Stupid Love is one of my new favorite movies. After I saw it the first time, I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I took The Hubby to see it again, and he loved it too. I thought that the writing was really smart. I hope the blu-ray has a commentary!

  5. Glad to know. I'll make sure when I have the choice to choose the first.
    I'd actually like to know what your opinion of the movie, Real Steel, is? I'm considering going to see it soon...any good?

  6. I enjoyed "Crazy Stupid Love," it was quite entertaining. I especially enjoyed Marisa Tomei's scenes - she was really funny!! I have not seen "What's Your Number." When I first saw the trailer, I was a bit up in the air about seeing it. It looked a bit predictable and maybe one of those films you watch as a rental when in the mood for those type of light hearted comedies. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!