Thursday 18 August 2011

Celebrity Big Brother (UK)

These are all people who need the exposure to survive.

Tara Reid was a great young actress. But she chose being a celebrity over being an actor. Jedward are the product of Simon Cowell and were dropped by Sony after the first single. They got signed by Universal for a while but no-one cares. The record sales are poor and they don't matter. That's why they need to whore out to Big Brother.

Amy Childs got known for an idiotic TV show. After she got known she could have worked on some independent films but instead she posed for lads mags. And she could have got an acting coach but instead she got a boob job. So now she has to keep doing the reality shows because she needs the exposure. She's resigned to a life of gossip mags. But it's not even a life, it's two years, because then no-one cares.

Kerry Katona. Who? Nobody cares. I vaguely recall she was in a girl band. When you're in a band that teens love, you either commit to the music, like Hanson, or you work on producing great material like Beyonce. Kerry did neither, she just turned up on TV and did the celebrity thing.

The show is an embarrassing array of has-beens, parading around like a big orgy of plastic surgery.

No-one needs to be a has-been in this industry. There are ups and downs but if you hold onto yourself as a professional, you can continue to grow. The plastic, the reality shows, they add up to nothing. Sure, we sometimes watch, but it's the same way we slow down to look at car crashes.

There's always a deal being offered somewhere that will ebb away at your credibility, it'll suck away your individuality. I remember when I first saw Tara Reid in 'American Pie', I was in love. The voice was so sexy and she was a beautiful blonde dream. It meant something. But she didn't try to build a career like Michelle Pfeiffer or Kate Winslet, she went the other way.

And these weird celebrities may continue to turn up on reality shows and cooking programs for the next three or four years but it's only because the schedules need filling. After that it will fade because there'll be a new group with fresher fake tans and boob jobs.

If you want a career or longevity, be an artist. Be a worker. It takes longer but it also lasts longer.

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  1. Yes, absolutely.

    I won't be watching and find these people faily loathesome and definitely tedious. But I wonder if the allure of the other way (as opposed to art) is partly down to the capacity other parties have to strike rich(er) with these pup(pet)s.

    They're sold a dream; and maybe they feel like they got lucky and this *is* their one chance. They want something so much that they're scared to say no, or stand firm when facing a wall of success in the office of a cheap agent.

    The chasing pack of younger, tanneder, toothier bods will be apparent from day one - it'll be why they sign on the line in the first place. The spectre of celebrity.

  2. just a bunch of nobodies spending their time doing nothing.

  3. Agreed. I'd still hire Tara Reid. In fact I'd hire Amy Childs, she's got that 50-60's face, but talks like a donkey.

  4. "a big orgy of plastic surgery"

    perfect :)