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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

No Laughing Matter

What do surfing Facebook and creative productivity have in common?


Care to share?


  1. I had this problem, and it's slowly creeping back in. I documented my facebook addiction/detox on my blog and, do you know what? I blogged more often in that week that I gave up facebook than I ever have! Definitely not a coincidence. Facebook is evil.

  2. oh god, Yes. I feel a New year's resolution coming on!

  3. Hi, I like that! Do you like that? I feel we should all like that. I am making tacos. Do you eat tacos? Gotta go to bed now or else I won't get up in time. I like...LIKE! LIKE! LIKE!... I dropped my pen. Oops, how silly! I have a cold. I don't have a cold. I wish I didn't have a cold. Do you get colds? What is you favorite: Color? Artist? Car? Hair Style? Pants? Shirt? Food? I went to Walmart and the lines of people were long--Again! How silly! Think positive... Like! Like! Like!

    Facebook = EMPTINESS

  4. Excellent...Right to the point. Agreed!

  5. This post needs a 'like' button.

  6. yeah my parents say they are not addicted to Facebook yet my dad spends three hours a day on farm ville, and my mom is never seen without posting some stupid thing from her blackberry onto Facebook.