Monday 22 November 2010

The Project Of Yours That Lacks Clarity

What is the project that you've been avoiding for ten years? I think we all have that one elusive project that pops its head into your consciousness every now and then, but whenever you look at it closely you lose clarity and confidence.

Many of the films we see are created by people who made them as a way of avoiding a more personal and meaningful idea that they couldn't quite get to grips with, or feel confident about.

I thought maybe some of you might like to share a bit about your projects; where for today we will celebrate the almost forgotten, almost scary, always elusive ideas that sit somewhere just outside of our focus and full awareness.

By all means, don't give away your plot secrets; but maybe you can tell us something either about your project, or your experience of clarity, or lack thereof.

For me, I have always wanted to write a coming of age tale -- somewhere between 'Dawson's Creek' and 'Garden State,' but with a bit more at stake. The lack of clarity comes because: I find it difficult to really see why it's important (even though I know it is) and a critical voice says 'it'll be too touchy feely,' -- and, well I don't know what else, the clarity monkey makes my brain go foggy even thinking about it.

Your turn...

Care to share?


  1. your some damn right. i guess all of us have a project like that. going around and around in you rbrain. and your never quite able to spit it out. its there. everything so clear, but when you want to reach for it it kind of vanishes. I want to write a story. it was supposed to be about faceblindnes...but then it ends uop to be so different and even if i have to story done. the way i want to tell it...its soft and kind of boring in the end. but i love this project. i couldnt stand giving up on it.

  2. I agree with Nana, almost everyone has a project like that. In fact, I'm working on a story along those lines.
    Only, I think it'll take too long to actually finish this. And something I'm this crazy about, it's difficult to be patient with.

  3. I've had a novel sitting on my computer for...five years or so?

    I got a couple of chapters in and took a break, then never picked back up. The thing that's stopping me from finishing it now is that a few years ago a movie came out that was so similar to my idea that I started telling myself that my idea was now obsolete. I should pick it back up, and change it up a bit.

  4. There are several projects that I have not finished in the past years! My problem is that I get either writer's block or I'm always anticipating the next thing! When I get writer's block, I simply start on another story! Unfortunately, to date, I have about fifty unfinished stories! While I would love to get a few published, the majority of them are just for private reading pleasures!

  5. Several of those lurk in my files... one in particular has resided (largely) in my mind for about six or seven years now. I regret not writing it all immediately, as it's now undergone so many subtle changes in my imagination that I couldn't write the original version of the story if I tried.
    Some of it is written down, but those gradual little evolutions in the plot over the years have made it all but impossible to continue in agreement with what I've already written.

  6. I really like exposing the growing pains from adolescence to adulthood. Specifically something with a strong female lead finding her inner strength. Making it seem like it's going to be a love story, but it actually being about the journey of discovering who she is on her own.
    ...I think I'll go write now. :)

  7. Ahh this one is really good.i liked it.keep writing. i have placed a link to your blog.because i liked the contents.
    let my readers enjoy your post.

  8. I am currently writing a novel and try to get out the things that i have been meaning to tell people through it, but thats just another way of putting it off, the best thing to do is like you told me, fallow your heart, and i love how you see more than just a movie in film, keep up the great wok kid, your my idol.

  9. Maybe you are meant to write the story of getting to the story before you can actually bring the story to fruition. Isn't the journey half the fun?