Saturday 9 October 2010

Postcard From 13, When I Could Do Anything

"Your favorite movie is your favorite movie because it's your favorite movie. It is better than the movie that you just thought up - by virtue of the fact that it actually exists. Someone dared to make it. Before that, someone dared to write it. And as you count up the times you chickened out of writing a film, as you count up all the scattered 3-pages of notes that pop up in random corners of your home --- the realization dawns; the ugly voice in your head telling you that you suck is COMPLETELY RIGHT; up until the point you ignore him, or at least send him out for groceries and get on with writing. At some point, before the day you die; you may as well just at least attempt to write what is truly in your heart, or at least go in search of it. Because only then can you, or a producer, or anyone, do anything with it."

I never read my blogs after I've written them. But occasionally, randomly, for one reason or another, I stumble across one. And of course, most of the time I just wonder what the hell it was I was rambling on about. But this one, the one that I am quoting above, is one I really like -- and it sums up a lot of what I feel, and what I think goes on in the head of a writer. So, in case you missed it; you can read it HERE.

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  1. I love it :) More and more lately I'm feeling inspired to try making my own films. You've just added to that passion