Friday 22 October 2010

The Event - WTF?

I began watching "THE EVENT," just because it was on TV. I don't normally do that; in fact, I don't watch anything on TV. I just watch box-sets about six years after everyone else. But the show was up on the screen and I was down on the sofa so I thought I might as well begin watching as the girl in it was kind of hot and also I was under the strange impression that this was a one off TV movie. So I sat and began watching.

A guy was on a plane going a bit crazy for no-reason and then there was a caption saying 'Eight Days Earlier' and the guy who was going crazy on the plane was now chilling out with the hot girl by the beach; they chatted for a bit, and then he dived in the water to save some girl who was drowning. And then it said 'Four Days Earlier.' Was this four days before the previous eight days; or four days before the original day, the day of days; which I can only assume was the day the dude went crazy on a plane - or some other day?

Anyway, suddenly the President got involved, but that was sixteen days before something; but was maybe four days after the hot girl's mother got shot either three minutes or three years after another one of her daughters got kidnapped for trying to rescue a small bike.

Meanwhile, some time went by and the crazy dude was not on a plane and not on a beach but it was six days since four days ago and three years ago he was in a hotel room looking for the hot girl who may have been kidnapped or may have popped out for a coffee. Then we cut to a commercial and came back sixteen days after three days before the four days five months ago when the daughter's Father became a pilot and then an alien stole the airplane. The End.

Can someone explain to me what the hell is going on? And is everyone okay? Do we even know what date it is? Does this blog even exist yet? Does Sarah Roemer (hot girl) wanna crash at my place until all this dies down?

Care to share?


  1. Exactly the same way I felt when I saw an episode. It's way too try-hard on "LOST's" swag.

  2. It's trying so hard to be the next Lost it's actually quite painful to watch. Laura Innes is superb in it tho as per usual, a wonderfully understated actress. Also like the way that Greg character got killed off when you thought he was part of the conspiracy to kill Sarah Roemer’s character Leila. Man I could watch that girl all day. She so fine! Blair Underwood, Jason Ritter and Zeljko Ivanek put in their usual solid performances as ever but I’m really getting sick of the whole let’s have another black president in a TV series or film because it’s more believable now it’s actually happened and because it’s sort of in vogue. It’s just so boring unlike Commander in Chief with Geena Davis, which was cancelled after the first season despite it’s critical success, now that was something different (another great American TV Series put to sleep before it's time). I liked the way they had all the passengers killed off but hated the fact that Laura Innes character would make a veiled threat to Underwood’s president as it hardly seems like the actions of a vastly more evolved species or the actions of someone who has pretty much chosen to spend 66 years held in captivity. Overall too much emulation in the sense it’s trying too hard to be the next Lost, too many weak plot strands, a structure that as you rightly point out is all over the place and leaves the audience far too stupefied for far too long and it doesn’t make better use of an obviously very talented cast by giving them characters we can get involved with, there’s nothing exceptional for any of the characters to get their teeth into, it’s all too tried and tested and formulaic, it lacks spontaneity (that feeling you get in a film or TV series where you think, “Whoa! I did not see that coming.” or if I did see it coming it totally blew my bollocks off anyway). I’ll be stunned if it gets much better or if it gets recommissioned but like many an ordinary TV show it has it’s moments just not enough to make a lasting impression.

  3. it would be easy to explain but that would make me a spoiler :))

  4. oh goodness, I tried to watch this show for two weeks, and sometimes I thought I got it, and then it would double back on itself in some weird way.

    It didn't help that I was sitting with my flatmate and her boyfriend, who is a lost fanatic, and kept going "THIS IS TRYING TO BE LOST AND IS FAILING. FAIL. FAIL. SO BAD. FAIL. FAIL."

  5. I really liked it and after the first 10-15 minutes didn't find it too difficult to follow. If it's trying to be Lost, I don't care... I never saw Lost. I'll be tuning in again next week for sure.

    Explain it? You are kidding, right?

  6. I never saw the series in question, but I guess that "despite all" they have been "smart" enough (consciously or not) to make everybody talk about it..obviously now I feel curious...and I will switch on my tv to see what is it that everybody is talking abt...

  7. No idea what this show is let alone about but the post made me laugh out loud - well done.