Saturday 25 September 2010

Taking It ONE Failure At A Time

Most of the time, working in film is rejection. You didn't get the role, they didn't accept the script, the pretty production assistant doesn't want your number. The thing to remember is that each one is its own unique, individual experience. Okay, when I say it that way, it makes it sound even worse-- but my point is, the fact you didn't get a role in the Adidas commercial last month has nothing to do with the short film you didn't get a role in this week. But we tend to add them up in our heads until we feel like one big, giant failure. And it shows.

When you apply for a role today, or send your script somewhere, or whatever it is you do - remember, this is a brand new experience, with a brand new bunch of humans behind the project whose only wish is to work with amazing people. Don't try to be impressive, don't try to shapeshift into what they need, be yourself and believe in yourself. This is a new experience, and you are perfect for it.

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