Wednesday 22 July 2009

I'm going to be a part of it.

"Used to take the subway up to Houston and 3rd
I would wait for you and I'd try to hide"
-Ryan Adams, 'New York, New York'

Like the impulsive fool I am, or at least sometimes am -- except for the times when I'm not impulsive at all and the sum total of my randoness for the week is signing out of Facebook; I booked a flight to NY.

I'd love to hear your ideas on where to go, what to do. Also, if you know of where I might be able to stay/sleep cheaply, please let me know. I'll be there from Mid-October till Mid-November. Last year I rented a little tiny space in Brooklyn; which was quite hilarious, although this time I'd prefer a place that has access to a shower!

New York, I am coming back to see you. Can't wait.

PS: Sorry for my pretentious, blurry shot of NY. I had just found a photo editing program when I took it and went wild.

Care to share?


  1. Sigh. I'm closer to NY than you and I've never been. Always wanted to...

    So, obviously I can't recommend any sights or places to stay. BUT I will say this...take pictures. Loooooots of pictures. =)

    Have fun!

  2. SIGHHHH i wish i could go with you :(

    but anywho you must go to
    times square
    toys R us
    fao schwarz
    jekyl and hyde
    the plaza
    central park
    ground zero
    brooklyn bridge at sunset
    the MET
    Ripleys museum
    and more
    i cant think of what else we did when we went. but i will come back and share it with you when i do remember!

  3. Aw! You lucky thing! I've always wanted to go to NY!

    Go everywhere, do everything and then post about it all so that I can live vicariously through you :P

    Have a lovely time x

  4. Kid, I'm going to do a post on my blog instead of leaving you a comment. Come on over and visit... I should have it up by tomorrow morning(usa, pacific time). :)

  5. Oh oh oh! I'm going for the second time in September. V excited.

    Hotel research I undertook with my erstwhile traveling partner revealed three fairly cheap (ish) options in Manhattan:

    Grace Hotel
    The Gerswin (Which I stayed in last time and was brilliant)

    I'm looking forward to not having to do all the tourist stuff this time, and lots of lounging in bars/ cafes... bon voyage!