Sunday 12 July 2009

Film Blogs Round-Up.

Michelle Goode has reached some incredible level of screenwriting drive, purpose and intent - as witnessed by her blog recently; with incredible posts like this which have more information than a screenwriting degree.

My favourite blog right now isn't a film blog, but it is possibly the most creative thing I've ever seen. It's a blog by a girl called Katie who is just one big walking idea box. Read her blog, your life will be better. I promise:
Color Me Katie.

I stumbled upon a great film blog recently. It's the non-pretentious ramblings of Vanessa, at
The World According To Ness someone who just clearly loves films and loves talking about them - her blog is a great dose of fresh air.

I guiltily realised recently that I hadn't visited
Silents & Talkies for a fair while. So I checked in today and Kate is still going strong, with plenty of artwork, competitions, and ramblings about the Marx Brothers.

If you're in the mood for a challenge,
Passing Thoughts has created a reel quiz, which I've done best to avoid for fear of not knowing anything -- try it if you dare.

So, for the

I really want to share three blogs for that.

CLASSIC MOVIES DIGEST - - Because Rupert is consistently showing his passion for older movies. It's amazing.

Michelle Goode's blog, because again.. she's showing unstoppable passion and effort in her attempts to become a great screenwriter.

And COLOR ME KATIE; - because it's guaranteed to make you smile.


As for me - this month has been mainly interviewing for me. I interviewed sound mixer Noah Timan (Awake, Capote) -- he gave a fascinating and in depth look at what it's really like to be working in the industry, I learned a lot:

Thanks all. Keep writing, keep watching, keep dreaming.

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  1. i love colour me katie too! I don't understand how someone can have so much creativity.. she's such a talent.

  2. great list! just checked out that colour me katie blog and its lovely!

  3. Yeah, Kate is really something special.