Wednesday 4 July 2012


Are you alright? 

yeah yeah.

Yeah you're alright, you're alive!

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Tuesday 3 July 2012

Not Myself

 "Would you want me when I'm not myself?
Wait it out while I am someone else?"

I was just listening to this song - and was struck by how much I relate to it. 

But then, I remember relating to it when it came out, eleven years ago. That was a whole different decade and I was a completely different shoe size. 

Back then, it was a song about saying 'I'm not myself, will you stick around while I figure it out?'

Now it's saying something different. 

Life is 99% a period of adjustment, where we think we're on our way to being the people we're gonna be. 

But this is it. We are who we are and the thing you did four minutes, that is who you are

And the thing you think you'll do next week is meaningless; just like the things you said you'd do eleven years ago that you never got round to. 

"Suppose I said, 
You're my saving grace?"

That's the only honest line in the song. And he isn't even saying it, cause he's too afraid. It's a hypothetical.

There's a song on his new album 'Born and Raised' called "Love Is A Verb." 

"Love ain't a crutch
It ain't an excuse
No you can't get through love 
On just a pile of I-O-U's"

Seems like John got a clue. Maybe I should too. Either that, or watch another eleven years pass. 

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Sunday 1 July 2012

Where Charlie Chaplin Lived in Kennington

He lived here. Isn't that amazing?

Charlie Chaplin actually existed. And it's right in front of me. The most important artist in the history of cinema, at least to me and a lot of other people.

I can't be in Kennington and NOT seek out where he lived. It seems important somehow. It's as close as I can get.

When you watch his old movies, he hardly seems real. He's too magical, too heartbreaking and too funny. He was SO human that it leaves you thinking there's no way he was actually human.

The people who live in these houses hate me. I trespass, I just have to get closer. I'm stalking a ghost of the past, and it can't be helped. He was in those rooms, under that roof.

You figure maybe some of his genius comes from the location, the places he passed through. Maybe the trees around here existed when he did. Maybe there's piece of a brick or a fence or a stone that hasn't been touched since. Maybe you're closer to Charlie than you think. At least, you like to think so.

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Just for a moment

Maybe a day, or a day and a half.

You feel like you're really in it.

Like the energy is leading you some place.

Like things are happening and people are listening.

And opportunities are arriving every which way.

Experience teaches you these things are temporary.

But they're real.

And they're why we love this industry.

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Saturday 30 June 2012

3 Cinema Issues

The phone people.

Why do they pay all that money, just to sit in a dark room surfing Facebook? They could just go into their bedrooms, turn off the lights, and the same thing would be achieved. Why do they bother venturing out to the cinema? Most of them don't even notice there's a movie on.

The whispering.

I'd rather they SHOUT! The whispering makes me want to literally rip my head off and throw it at them.

The man with the bald head.

He always sits two rows in front of you. He blocks your view (especially if you want to watch the movie). You can try move seats, but he always ends up in front of you.

And there's something about a bald head that attracts your attention. You keep glancing at it every five seconds, as if one of the film's characters will appear on it to deliver an important line of dialogue.

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