Saturday 28 December 2013

The Word 'No' Makes You An Artist

No, I will not dumb this down.

No, I will not wear that.

No, I don't believe in sharing that message.

That's powerful. Are you all about taking the pay check, or do you stand for something?

In the long term, the artist's dream is to tell the stories they want to tell with the resources and expertise they need to do it properly.

While you're building towards that level, your decisions and actions, every day, shape the artist you're becoming.

Don't let success, or lack thereof, dictate whether you'll do something in this industry. Who you are and what you decide speaks volumes, and defines who you are as an artist.

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  1. I loved this post (and the previous one too) so many people don't even think about things in terms of art at all any more; it's all just write the movie to the formula and scrap the article and put out the top 10 list instead. I wouldn't give up tho; you say you are falling out of love with the movies in the last post but I still think there's some amazing artists doing things all the time, you just have to take a positive look at things.

    Hope you get to make art yourself, and hope you find more of the inspiring art that's out there now.