Thursday 4 July 2013

The Greatness We Hide From

You have these things that you believe in. It's what you feel and it's who you are.

But then you put yourself out there into the world and ouch, it stings! You're not good enough. You're not what they're looking for. You're so close that you can feel it, but you don't quite make it.

And this all happens before you're fifteen.

And then one day, you grow up. For most, the dreams are gone, vanished, but some hold on. They keep going.

Yet deep inside a feeling gnaws away at you.

It's a lifetime later, you're an adult now, but still you feel like you'll never get picked for the school play. You're just not good enough, you're not quite right. Hazy memories of other people doing what you wanted to be doing.

You grow up and believe you can have and do anything except the thing you secretly want the most.

You see it and it's so close you could almost touch it.

It's right there.

You can blame those people out there, but now it's inside you -- you're rejecting yourself. You fear the opportunity so much that you hide the very part of you that can make it work.

And you do this time and again until one day you decide: I'm not going to be this way anymore.

That's the day it all works out.

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