Tuesday 26 February 2013

Be Supportive To Fledgling Artists

It is SO EASY to be dismissive and condescending. It's the easiest thing in the world to be a critic, an angry tweeter, an armchair blogger.

But those people who create art; be it good or bad, you have no idea how hard it is, to put yourself out there.

It's why most people create nothing. The fear of ridicule and rejection is too high.

And guess what, when you create your script or film or whatever it is, you will be criticised, heavily. In obvious ways, "you suck", and in clever condescending ways "aww your little project is really nice, it's so good you are dabbling in film".

Being the critical type, the belittler, the one-who-thinks-they-know-why-it's-bad, it's the easiest thing in the world. I think it's part of human nature, to try keep people down. To jump to the negative first.

I've been that critic myself, despite how much I hate it. I think we all have at some point. We're always battling jealousy, insecurity, I-know-bestness. We've all been that guy because of how easy it is. You watch someone's work and your brain is given a ton of easy answers - but so many of them are negative. 

And I get what your excuse is, that people need to be criticised so that they'll learn and improve. I get that.

But criticism comes from all corners, every day. Being the one who says "hey, I really like what you're doing" makes you a rare kind. And that stuff makes people feel good, it makes them believe in themselves.

Artists want to connect. They want to inspire, they want to be loved through their work. It's important to know that; how deeply personal it is. It's life and death for the artist.

I'm not saying you need to feed egos or prop up the talentless.

I'm just saying maybe you could occasionally focus on the good dialogue rather than the bad lighting. Comment on the great bit of acting in the first scene rather than the fuck up in the sixth scene.

Every great writer, director, actor; they have a story of someone who supported them, believed in them, understood the context of their mistakes.

Nobody in the industry has more than a handful of these people, because everyone is too busy being the judgemental friend, the cynical co-worker, the sarcastic blogger.

People are capable of SO MUCH when they're believed in. When they're praised. When they're not pressured to immediately justify their right to be artists.

Go tell someone what they're doing right. I guarantee they need to hear it. 

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  1. Totally agree. Everyone's a critic--the air lately seems to be thicker with cynicism and negativity than ever before. Why is everyone so angry?

    Most people are stingy with their kindess, but have no problem throwing out criticism. It's sad.

    I started a blog post the other day about how much I like the movie THE ROCKER, but I never finished it because it seemed silly. I'll finish it today, because I do love it and why not put that positive energy out there?

    Thanks for the push to positivity. I really like what you do!

  2. When you can see and acknowledge what is good about other people's writing (even if there are flaws), it's easier to see the positive in your own writing.