Monday 7 January 2013

Is GERALDINE CHAPLIN Talking About CHARLIE In 'The Impossible'?

I found Geraldine Chaplin's cameo in 'The Impossible' incredibly profound., and probably not for the reasons the filmmakers intended. 

Firstly, wow. She looked just like him. 

He left our world nearly 40 years ago, and he left our screens even further back than that. 

But here was Geraldine Chaplin in a disaster movie. And she's always, of course, had a similarity to her father. But in this scene, in her close up, it sent a chill down my spine. And then there was the dialogue. It's like he was with us, and she was talking about him. 

GERALDINE: Some of those stars, have been burnt out for a long long time. Did you know that? 

BOY: They're dead aren't they?

They're dead, but once they were so bright that their light is still travelling through space, we can still see them. 

How can you tell which ones are dead and which ones are not? 

Oh you can't, it's impossible. It's a beautiful mystery isn't it. 

And when she delivers that line, 'it's a beautiful mystery isn't it', she shakes her head and gets a little glimmer of light and wonder in her eyes which is so CHARLIE CHAPLIN. Wow. I sat there, in the midst of a movie which I didn't love - yet this moment, wow, it knocked my socks off. Charlie Chaplin, my biggest hero in the world; came alive once again, just for a moment, somehow, like some magical piece of alchemy --- Geraldine's face, the stars, the setting, the moment. 

Charlie came back for the tiniest moment, and it was wonderful.

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  1. Great post, Kid! I have to say I didn't think about this when I watched the movie but it definitely makes sense.

  2. Yes, it seemed like Charles Chaplin was speaking through her. A strange, sublime moment in the middle of such a punishing film.