Wednesday 28 November 2012

Facebook Is NOT Democratic

1. I have spent years building up my Kid In The Front Row Facebook Fan Page. It has over a thousand followers.

The idea behind it: if you like my blog, you join the page. When I post an article on there, you see it.

Turns out that, on average, only 75 of the 1,135 fans see each update. And those tend to be people who have 'liked' and commented on recent posts. Everyone else is frozen out.

To reach them, I have to pay for 'sponsored posts'.

Facebook is free? Don't be ridiculous. 

You can pay for Facebook ads to bring in New 'fans'. But if you do that, you have to pay to promote posts for them to actually see them.

2. I just updated the Facebook app on my smartphone. Used to have it so I wouldn't get notifications on my phone every time I get a message. Since updating, I have them again. 

It's down to me to opt out. Again. 

You make your choices, decide on the options, but each step of the way they change your decisions to suit them.

3. The idea of the Facebook news feed is that you see your friend's updates in chronological order.

Turns out that's not true. Facebook's algorithms decide who you'll see.

And sure, Facebook claims it knows you and what you like, so it's trying to help you - that's how they see it.

You've collected your friends in one online community, and now this company, Facebook, is picking and choosing what you see, based on algorithms they don't share.

4. Hiding information. Being selective. This is what the old media did. 

With the internet, we were finally meant to be free. To share information as we please, with whomever we want.

But Facebook filters information. It makes decisions on our behalf. It's like law enforcement, or government. We feel we're free, but they take that freedom away from us. You can say it's not a big deal --- but if you're following me on Facebook, you're not even seeing my posts! Shouldn't YOU get to decide that? 

Care to share?


  1. I agree. I recently deactivated my facebook, but when I did have it, I wouldn't really get any updates from the blogger's pages I've liked. Mainly from stores and companies who most likely paid for them to show up on my feed. I would've "liked" your page. I know facebook can be used as a great tool, but for now, being off Facebook has given me a lot of freedom. :)

  2. Ugh. This is so frustrating. FB sucks but it's too entrenched in peoples' lives now, so I'd feel out of touch if I deactivated. So annoying.

  3. I think google could clean house with G+ if they didn't do all these douchy things.

  4. I set SORT to Most Recent to avoid those pesky algorithms. Facebook re-sets SORT to Top Stories. I notice they've changed the option to Top Stories (eventually). I change it back to Most Recent. On and on. GRRRRRR. It used to be that they'd leave SORT to Most Recent for ten days or so, but now they're resetting it more often. GRRRRRRR again! Is it worth having a FB 'work' page in these circs? I'm not sure. Am enjoying Pinterest...for the moment!