Sunday 12 August 2012

Things That Make THINK LIKE A MAN a Great Movie

I just got around to seeing 'Think Like a Man' - and loved it! Here's why:


This guy is hilarious! He's pretty much the biggest stand-up in America right now, but I don't love his act. But his screen acting? He rocks every scene in 'Think Like a Man'. All of the other characters are reasonable -yet somewhat dysfunctional- whereas Hart's character is crazy, but in a way that makes complete sense! He's recently divorced, extremely bitter, and loving his freedom.

He's the glue of the film. Without him, it'd be a standard (yet good) rom-com; when he's on screen, every moment is funny. That is, at least, until his character changes towards the end, in a touching moment that I don't want to entirely spoil. 

I was surprised by how good Kevin Hart is in this movie. Makes me think of the great comic actors; Bill Murray, Robert Downey Jr, Woody Allen; they have this way of keeping you riveted. For me, Hart has that quality in this film.


Meagan Good is a fantastic actress who's credit list doesn't live up to her talent. If you look back at the past few years, she's done a lot of projects, but you've heard of virtually none of them. So it's great when you see her in a good role, such as in this film or as Kali in 'Californication'. 

And I'm not saying her performance in 'Think Like a Man' is worthy of an Oscar. But that's not in the job description of a rom-com. In a rom-com, you need to be intriguing, attractive; and able to ride the emotional waves of the story. She does it here with an ease and grace that makes you want to see her in a wider array of bigger movies. Hopefully that day is coming. 


Best known for the 'Scary Movie' franchise, but I always loved her in 'Ally McBeal'. She joined the show in a time of huge transition. While Downey Jr caught the attention, she brought a comedic touch that was unique yet totally in keeping with the show. She was one of the high points of its weak final season. 

Like Meagan Good (and indeed Gabrielle Union, who is also in this movie), you sense she is capable of a lot more than she seems to get cast in. She's has great timing, and she's relatable. I still think her best roles are yet to come. 


It's Turtle from 'Entourage'! It's a similar character, for sure; but Ferrara gets to go (slightly) deeper, and he pulls it off. The Turtle character is just a bit of fun, but in this movie he actually has to act. I'm not suggesting Ferrara was great in this movie, but that's mostly down to his character -- he's just a passenger; helping the movie float along. His character is possibly the least interesting of the guys, but he does what he can. 

(The Writers)

I like the script. I'm not going to say it's the most original film ever, but that wasn't their job here. The job was to follow the tried and tested structure of a rom-com and make it engaging. They created a world that is about dating rules, and mind games. A world where woman want love, and the men want sex. Of course, real life is often like this, but it's also just a stereotype that is easily challenged. That's how good comedic films are built. They need a strong premise, and everything builds around it. 

Everything here works -- and there are some great lines mixed with some great improvised moments. 


The thing that's great about this movie is how easy it is to sink into it and enjoy the characters. It covers a lot of ground in two hours -- juggling between the different stories and subplots that an ensemble piece requires. It's done eloquently and amusingly. I admire any director who can keep to a solid structure yet still allow the actors to be free to improvise and have fun. And you sense that everyone was having fun in this movie. 


A lot of fun! It's a rom-com that delivers on the laughs, and isn't overly cheesy or predictable. Kevin Hart steals the show, as does Meagan Good, who is captivating. And let's try and find a way to get Regina Hall in more movies that aren't just sequels of 'Scary Movie'. 'Think Like a Man' was trashed by critics and has a low score on IMDB, but I think it's great. I'm not sure what else you could want from this kind of movie. 

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  1. I loved this movie! The funny thing about it is (here in the states) it's advertised as a black rom-com, since the cast is largley African-American actors. I loved the fact that it was just a great film overall and one that anyone can enjoy. There are a lot of situations in it that are relatable and Kevin Hart does steal every scene he's in.

    I saw this film from different angles. One, as a film fan. And, the other, as a guy that wants a quality film with black actors. As a film fan, I loved it and thought it handled a large cast in a great way. The fact that they addressed Steve Harvey's book (and the way most of us react to it in real life) was genius. I'm glad that they didn't take the "What to Expect When You're Expecting" route and create a script from a book, failing miserably. That film had no heart and even less chemistry; something essential for rom-coms.

    As a black man, I'm pretty tired of films with mainly black casts being stereotypes. This is why I can't stand Tyler Perry. I applaud his business sense but his product is terrible. I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw this film that it DID NOT go that route.

    All of these characters really could have been played by any race. You may never understand how that made me love this film. It wasn't that they characters were generic, they just weren't stereotypes. It was enteraining and tasteful. I want everyone I know to see this film.

    Sorry for the lengthy response but I love this post Kid!