Sunday 5 August 2012

The Olympics

I love seeing people achieve amazing things. With the Olympics, we get to see people from all around the world pushing themselves to their very limits and beyond. 

It's great seeing how much it means to them. All the years of hard work and dedication. They could have been out drinking or sitting around on the internet but instead they dedicated their lives to their calling, to seeing their talents through to the point of perfection. 

Films aren't holding my interest right now - it is all about London 2012.

Let's catch up after the Olympics. See you in a week!

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  1. "dedicated their lives to their calling". isn't this what you are doing, too? I'm sure if we dedicate our lives to our callings, we'll all achieve great things.

  2. Great picture. Great race! Obsessed with the Olympics. It IS all about London 2012 right now!