Saturday 7 July 2012

50 Things I Like - The 1000th Post on KITFR

The smell of popcorn.
A fully charged phone.
Fruit smoothies.
How supportive my parents are.
Empty cinemas.
Full cinemas.
Comments from you guys.
BBQ sauce.
Being unbeatable at football games on the Xbox 360.
Tea with Stephanie and her daughter.
Watching documentaries with my brother.
Walks with Charlotte.
Talks with Charlotte.
New York City.
Thinking about New York City.
Skype calls with people far away.
The Prince Charles Cinema in London.

Going to press screenings of bad films with Tom, during which we sneakily text each other insulting messages.
Writing at 2am.
Stepping off a plane in someplace new.
Ice cream with Carl and Pete.
Meeting my mates every week for FOOD.
When an actor nails my line.
Pizza on set.
Pizza anywhere.
BBQ sauce on pizza.
Pretty girls with great personalities.
When my room smells like old books.
Old books.
Meeting people who like Chaplin.
Meeting people who don’t like Chaplin who then end up liking Chaplin.
A freshly printed screenplay.
My favourite film score, which I shouldn’t have because it was never released, but the composer secretly sorted it out for me.
When someone wonderful pops up on Facebook chat with ‘hello’.
Leaving the phone at home.
Being alone.
Being around people.
Walking days with no set destination or time limit.

Care to share?


  1. Boobs, Books and Being Alone could be a possible title for your autobiography.

    Here's to the next 1000!

  2. Congrats on 1000 - a truly mighty feat!
    Here's to 1000 more.

  3. Thinks I like..this site, this list and the redesign! Very cool! Also a fan of boobs! :)

    And the fact that when I read "football," I know that means "soccer" in American!

    Congrats on 1000th post Kid!

    1. Thanks Anthony! Do you like the re-design then? Tried to keep the same feel, just modernised a bit.

    2. Totally digging the redesign. Very cool.

  4. Congratulations Kid, what an achievement and I'm certainly happy to oblige with number 8. There's a lot I can relate to on that list particularly tea, pizza, sunshine, rain, empty cinemas, full cinemas, writing at 2AM and the Prince Charles cinema where I have spent many an afternoon.

    I like the re-design of the blog. It's a few subtle changes but I think they work.

  5. Goodonya' Kid! May there be many 1000s more! Love the list! Nice re-design, too!

  6. Congrats! What an accomplishment and great list here. Like the new look. You are always a very entertaining read. Thanks for that.

    Some of my favs on your list...stepping off a plane in someplace new, pizza (any kind, any place, anytime), obstacles, old books and smell, leaving the phone at home, walks with no destination or timeframe.

  7. Congrats on 1000. Love the Prince Charles too.

  8. Great post! Congrats on hitting 1000 posts :) It was nice getting to know you better via 50 of your favorite things.