Thursday 28 June 2012

The Song

I have a song that's in my head, but not quite. I heard it in a film a few days ago, or maybe it was on T.V. It kind of sounded like Jackson Browne or maybe Paul Simon but I'm not sure. Maybe it was a woman.

It's not a new song, it's something I've heard before. I definitely recognised the lyrics, but now I can't remember them. I can't remember the lyrics and I can't remember the voice, but I really want to hear the song again. Does anyone have any idea what it might have been?

The song was about going somewhere. Or maybe it was about coming back. Actually I think maybe it was about being in a place but wanting to leave. Or maybe he wanted to stay. Or it could be that he was going somewhere but wanted to stay at home on the sofa.

It was quite a profound song. It suited the scene it was in on T.V. It must have been a small indie film, as the character's left on a journey. Or was it a big blockbuster and they used it during a calm moment after a big explosion?

It's fun when you get a good song stuck in your head, but it's horrible when a bad song is lodged in there. So you can understand my frustration -- having a song taking over my brain which is neither good nor bad, because I can't remember what it is or what it sounds like. 

Care to share?

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