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Monday 23 January 2012

Mixed Nuts

1. Bruce Springsteen

Bruce's live stuff from the 70's is electrifying. Listen to the passion and LIFE in 'Wings For Wheels', or heart and soul in those versions of 'Racing In The Street' from the late 70's. Nothing like it.

2. The Big Year

Is a very cool movie with terrific actors. I love people that have passion for the sake of passion. If you're passionate about film, I get it, but there are millions of us. But 'The Big Year'? The characters are passionate about spotting birds.

3. Julie & Julia, Helvetica

That's why I loved Helvetica. It was lots of geeks, obsessed with fonts. They see the world in helvetica, georgia and verdana.

'Julie & Julia' is a film based on a true story, about a woman who decided to cook every meal from a Julia Child cookbook, in one year.

Passion is unique, It's personal. Most people say they never find their passions. I think they do, they're just scared to stand up for them. Try telling your wife you want to go bird watching for a year, or that you're obsessed with fonts--- It's not an easy ride. But how freeing when we embrace the hobbies and passions we're drawn to.

4. Shame

I went to see SHAME with Anna. She's the coolest. We get each other. We know how to piss each other off and we know how to inspire one another.

'Shame' did not inspire us. The performances were good and New York looked great; but not much else worked for me. I like small, artistic films; but this one I just didn't really get. Couldn't care about it.

I do like Carey Mulligan though.

5. Bon Iver

Just discovered Bon Iver. It's good when you learn music can still be amazing. Not for everyone but certainly for me.

6. Composers

I'm still figuring out how to communicate best with them. I love music and always know what I want; but I have no skill to really get that across. I'm still working on that. We usually get there in the end, in spite of me.

7. Upcoming films

Should I be excited about anything? I'm not feeling it.

8. Peter James Smith is the judge for The KITFR Disaster Filmmaking competition. Results soon.

9. Interviewing one of my favourite directors soon, just working around our schedules.

Actually I'm free all the time, so It's his schedule. Anyway, he's awesome and you love his films and we're in for a treat when he does it.

10. Up in 5 hours. When will I learn?


  1. Totally agree about Helvetica. I was shocked how much I liked it. Who'da thunk a movie about fonts could be so entertaining.