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Wednesday 25 January 2012

Kid In The Front Row Disaster Filmmaking Competition, 2nd Place

A reminder of the competition:

The world is about to end. A poisonous gas has descended over the planet, and everyone is about to die. With this knowledge and realisation, you pick up your video-phone, and capture the final two minutes of your life, and in fact, the last moments of humankind on the planet. 

All films must be NO LONGER than TWO MINUTES.

All films must take place in ONE SINGLE SHOT ONLY. NO CUTTING. NO EDITING. 

The runner-up in the Kid In The Front Row Disaster Filmmaking Competition is "The Last Man Breathing" by Nabil Shaban.

You can watch it here:

I chose this film as a finalist because I thought it was very unique, and intriguing throughout. It also had a quietly hilarious undertone throughout -- especially towards the end when he justifies using the gas mask over giving it to his girlfriend.

The guest judge, actor PETER JAMES SMITH (The West Wing), had a hard time deciding on a winner; it was down to this and one other. Here's what he liked about "The Last Man Breathing":

"I liked his use of visual--it wasn't just his face the whole time." He also said that it was "accomplished, intellectually and visually". However, unfortunately for Nabil, it didn't quite grab first place. But Nabil, if you're reading --- you should know that Peter and myself both loved your work!


  1. Ha! The girlfriend stuff was great. Nice mask, too. Added a sense of realism, urgency.

    Great job, Nabil!

  2. Thank you for what you have shared this information!