Thursday 8 September 2011

The Kid In The Front Row Film Questionnaire

If you have a blog, answer these there (doesn't matter whether you blog about movies, your stamp collection, or dragon sightings.... answer the questions!). If you don't have a blog, feel free to use the comments section here.

1. What film has been sitting on your shelf for six months waiting to be watched?

2. What is the one film you know word for word?

3. What screen character breaks your heart?

4. If you could bring an actor back from the dead, and had to pair them on screen with a current actor (who is no older than 40), what would your combo be?

5. How often do you check your phone in the cinema?

6. What film do you love which no-one else quite seems to 'get'?

7. What is your favourite Al Pacino film?

8. Why do they always manage to make us go one size bigger with the popcorn?

9. Share one memory from a cinema visit long ago.

10. Have you ever used a line from a movie, in your life, without anyone knowing you stole it? Give details.

If you answer these on your blog please link back to this article so people can find their way back home. I'll be sharing some of your answers on the Facebook Page!

Care to share?


  1. 4. Jack Lemmon w/ Ben Affleck.

    7. Dog Day Afternoon (close 2nd, Scent of a Woman)

    2. No sure if wfw, but close: "Once Upon a Time in the West."

    3. Tough question. The script, directing, and music can/will empower the most emotive acting scenes, so I'm not sure if this can be answered (from my POV) through the process of distilling it to a single character choice only. If I was forced to choose among the many possible, I'd say The Little Tramp.

  2. That took me forever!

  3. 1. Hidden (with Daniel Auteuil & Juliette Binoche)
    2. 4 Weddings & a Funeral
    3. Can't narrow it down to one so for a start: Marilyn in the Misfits, Strider/Araorn (Viggo Mortensen) in Lord of the Rings trilogy, Julie Christie in Dr Zhivago, Robert Redford in The Way We Were...
    4. Marilyn Monroe & this is difficult (cuz of the under 40 rule Kid) which would leave out Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt :(
    5. NEVER (it is on silent of course!)
    6. L'Avventura (at least none of my friends get it, and any bfs I have shown it to have fallen asleep!)
    7. Godfather II (especially the scene when he is walking out the door when he is leaving his wife, and the look he gives her makes me shiver just thinking of it!)
    8. I don't eat that sort of food hahah
    9. I cried and hid on the floor by my auntie's feet when taken to see 101 Dalmations (1961 Disney) and will always scream and leap out of my seat at the sudden appearance of any snake on screen!
    10. Nope

    This was great fun! Oh you must do another questionnaire in the future :)

  4. Took longer than I thought.

  5. you guys are joblss

  6. Excellent dinner party questions, too! ;)

    You have a Facebook page? I'll be liking you! xo

  7. Took me a while but I enjoyed doing it.

  8. Your meme has turned up on a few of the blogs I follow, its been quite a fun read, thankyou! My answers below:

    1. There are no films on my actual or virtual shelves, I choose a film to watch to suit the people or mood of the moment then find it...

    2. I don't know any films word for word

    3. Dolores Claiborne breaks my heart in the Eponymous film

    4. Be interesting to see Marilyn Monroe with Edward Norton in Hamlet

    5. My phone is silenced and pocketed when I take my seat in a cinima auditorium

    6. I love "A Zed and two Noughts" and have not found many people that do

    7. "Glengarry Glenross" is my favourite Al Pacino film

    8. I'll eat a good sit-down at a table meal before or after going to the cinema, never snack in the auditorium

    9. Film watching story: A first date on the opening night of t"Star Trek" (1979, I was 15). After and hour in the huge queue outside the cinema, Star Trek seats were sold-out. We chose another film showing that neither of us knew. He wanted to leave after about 10 minutes. I was enthralled and stayed to watch all of "Apololypse Now". No 2nd date.

    10. I've occassionally said "I love the smell of [word other than Napalm] in the morning" without people realising its reference.

  9. 1. A lot, but i don't have money to locate them all at once, so i watch the ones that i can or whem i have the money. But I always doo.
    2. Before the sunset and Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban
    3.I really dont' know how to anwser. Maybe... Julie Delpy on BTS(again), or Christian Bale on 3.10 to Yuma
    4. I think I'm to young and without culture to know that
    5. I dont.
    6. Dont know if I have one.
    7. No ideia!
    9. Only one? Well, I guess that... when I was a kid and went there, the place that still is my favorite shopping mall, with my family, with is not exactly only one memory. But I remember everything we did, the books que looked, the food, the dolls they always boght for me and my sis...
    10. I always do that...

  10. Thats was fun :