Thursday 14 July 2011


Adventureland reminds me of when I was alive. When the glances meant something. When hanging out was the world. When your heart soared or crumbled on any given day.

Adventureland captures youth and lust and love and dead end jobs perfectly. Takes me back to those days when just as you were about to tell the girl you like her she'd say "oh, I have a boyfriend now" and break your heart.

When you're old and in a dead end job it's a rut. But when you're young, it's the only work you can find. You're all educated and talented and your big brains are confined to small spaces. What do you do when you're stuck in a bad job? You make a community. Hearts fly and hearts fall. And you clock in and you clock out.

You hate your job but that's where it's at. You bitch about the bad pay and the same song they keep playing on the fucking radio and the only reason you stick it out is because of Tuesdays.

Because she works on Tuesdays.

'Adventureland' takes me back to those days, those feelings, those moments. We took chances and stayed up late and had a crowd. Nothing would come between us.

I need 'Adventureland' because those days are gone now. I'm numb. I don't take those chances. We're all grown up. The days of "I'll wait for you after work" are gone. Now it's a Facebook poke and a quick how are you. And you're not even missing out because you just don't care as much anymore.

'Adventureland' reminds you that you still have it in you. The mistakes. The naivety. The romance. The giant ass pandas.

I love this movie.

I talk more about this film here and here

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  1. You forgot Ryan Reynolds..*drools*..

  2. I too was taken with this movie, to the point that I wrote about it when it came out: Here

    Then again when it came out on DVD:

    Then again when I did my top 10 of the decade:

    Truly one of the best and most underrated movies of recent years.

  3. I love it when you talk about Adventureland. People talking about movies they love most makes me happy.

  4. I agree, this is one of my favorite movies. It captures the time and feeling so well. There is something special about it that makes me want to be in that time again.

  5. I remember watching this movie and loving it. Everytime I hear "Rock me Amadeus" it makes me smile thinking of the guy that ran that ride and played it all day.