Saturday 9 April 2011

Cinema Memories

I was in Florida, and the weather sucked, so we went to see a movie. We loved it. We were both blown away by the brilliance of 'Spanglish' (We must've been high or something).

My friend Kev had never been abroad before. We took a trip to Denmark. We spent all our money on day one; by eating steak that was more expensive than our flights. Then I got ill. And Denmark is cold. So we stayed indoors... in the cinema. Kev didn't get to see much of Copenhagen but I got to see a lot of movies.

A girl who had the misfortune of being my girlfriend back in the day was treated by me to a romantic first kiss.. during a Michael Moore documentary. Isn't that what every woman dreams of? Looking back, it was probably the highlight of our relationship.

I saw 'This Is It' in New York with a woman I'd met only days before. We got pretty close, as humans often do, but now we're an ocean apart and Facebook is all we have.

I found a cinema in 'Sicily' which was just like Cinema Paradiso. It was magical, at least until the movie started, because watching 'Bridge To Terabithia' dubbed in Italian sucks.

And years ago it was just me, Abdul and Trev in the cinema. We sat in the front row, in fact, we sat on the floor, leaning back on our chairs, and we stared up at the screen and thought 'Spun' was the craziest film we'd seen in years.

And I walked out of 'Gothika' because it was awful. And 'Love In The Afternoon' was ruined a few months ago because I was stuck sitting next to the heaviest breather of all time. And I saw 'Juno' five times and I saw 'Lost In Translation' seven times.

And Jodie was the prettiest girl of my teenage years and we went to a movie but I didn't share my popcorn and I ate all of her big-bag-of-maltesers and after that she preferred James, which sucked because all he had going for him was everything.

And I remember seeing 'Elizabethtown' and thinking it was the best film ever, which it isn't; and i remember thinking 'Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang' was the most hilarious thing of all time, which it probably is.

And those are the ones that come to mind now, but there'll be others.

Care to share?


  1. Great memories!
    A few of mine are:
    Winning tickets to watch Star Wars at the Odeon in Manchester.
    Watching Black Swan at the cinema Vittorio in Bellagio(Italy) just last week.
    Skipping lectures at university to watch films at The Cornerhouse, Django, Lone Star and Flesh And Bone will always stay in my mind.
    But most of all I remember the old single screen suburban cinemas with seats in the balcony and an interval for refreshments.....happy days!

  2. What a fantastic post. For me so much of my life and most memorable memories have revolved around film. I do not want to hijack your blog comments, but here are a few:

    Going to see La Bamba in 1987 6 times with my first boyfriend as that was the only place you could get some privacy back then and never seeing the film. (More of a kid on the back row at that point I guess).

    Dragging a girlfriend of mine to see Gone With The Wind at the cinema at Marble Arch in September of 1989 when they showed it as part of the 50 year anniversary celebrations. There was no one else there apart from us and I had to buy her a strawberry yoghurt with extra crushed nuts to placate her. I loved watching it on the big screen myself, but then I would.

    Sitting in the Leicester Square Odeon in London in 1993 having just watch Schindler's List during its first week of release. The cinema was packed but no one said a single word. Not as the credits roled or as they filed out. You could have heard a pin drop. The friend I was with and myself didn't speak to each other for around 20 minutes, we were so lost in our thoughts and the power of that film.

    Sitting at Reading University film club several weeks after the initial release of The Kings Speech in a completely packed theatre getting completely absorbed in the whole experience along with everyone else.

  3. memories are a great thing, its to bad mine sucks :3

  4. This is a fun idea for a post! I don't have too many but the ones I'll treasure forever is going to the movies on New Year's Eve when I was 15 with my late mother and brother, guess what we saw: a double feature of Tango & Cash and Showdown at Little Tokyo! Yes, she's a cool mom for sure. I'll treasure that forever since that's the last time I went to the movies w/ her as she passed away 2 months later.