Monday 21 February 2011

How Are You?

I'm a bit busy this week! Shooting one thing, casting another, and writing something else -- so not having much time to blog. 

So It's a good time to catch up. How are you? Are you feeling creative? Have you watched any great movies recently? I hope to hear from many of you.

Care to share?


  1. You betcha'---Cindy and I enjoyed "Catfish". We really liked it. Very well done, whether it really was a 100% real documentary or not.

  2. Saw 127 Hours and Exit Through the Gift Shop this weekend. Franco is great, and despite watching a guy cut his arm off, 127 Hours is inspiring.

    I didn't know much about Exit Through the Gift Shop, and I have to say, it's one of the most enjoyable movie experiences I've had in a long time. My wife and I can't stop talking about it. I'd love to hear what The Kid and his followers have to say about it.

  3. Saw Cedar Rapids recently, it was quite entertaining! Have a great week!

  4. I'm feeling creative, but like I've been shanghaied by a Vaudeville star, who's tied my hands behind my back, and blind-folded me, and said to the audience, "All right, Ladies and Gentlemen, for her next act, Ginger Ingenue will now write!!"

    I've seen no good movies lately. But I'm fixing to watch HANNAH AND HER SISTERS, so I can watch Woody Allen watch DUCK SOUP; WINGS, because I've never seen a Clara Bow movie; and THE GREAT DICTATOR, because I need more Charlie Chaplin in my life.

    I do hope you're well, and enjoying your busy schedule, in that weird way, only artists can.

    Or maybe everyone can. I have no idea what it's like to be everyone who's not an artist. Maybe they enjoy it ten times as much.

    Best to you, Kid.

  5. Well on Sunday my boyfriend proposed and we are getting married next winter I'm so happy i could die lol!

  6. Rented My Dinner With Andre the other day. It was impressive to see dialog between to characters carry an entire movie, even if it wasn't necessarily my favorite.

  7. Revision Exams are just finished yet I gotta attend skl :( Anxious about my results and ur blogs are the best sort of entertainment! :)

  8. Watched a lot of great films this weekend (inc. DON'T LOOK NOW, STARDUST, and TIME CRIMES) and did a fun photoshoot "in character" this weekend with my friend Danger Girl. Gotta love long weekends!

    The week ahead will be all about Oscar on The Matinee posts predicting the big categories every day leading up to the big night on Sunday.

  9. No great movies lately, but definitely feeling creative - I'm on vacation! And how are you? ;)

  10. This time of year is rubbish. I need sunlight and heat to feel creative; the day-job is a relentless, beige horror; the family are mad and warm and fun, and much more deserving of my time than a load of selfish writing. So every word committed to paper is an unenthusiastic struggle. Nonetheless, I keep churning and, as bad as the resulting mess is, it can all be rewritten when the optimism of spring comes.

    Completed *horrible* first draft of 'Roald Dahl meets Mighty Boosh'-esque, badger-based, family feature. It's now resting.
    Straining out the first draft of a romantic-comedy short. Immeasurably hard work as it's not really my genre, but wanted to give it a go.
    Contemplating the 8th (!!??) draft of my other feature. I swear that after that I'll get some non-friend people to read it.
    Starting to work on another short - back in my ballpark of strangeness. Feels like it could actually be fun...

    Oof! That definitely suggests more work than my barely-an-hour-a-day at the keyboard actually yields.

    Does anyone actually find this time of year improves their productivity and creativity?

  11. Great to hear from you all!

    Responding to a few things: TIM, I haven't seen Exit.. yet. GINGER, glad you're creative! ROBIN, WOW!!! Congrats!! x

    CHRIS - You sound in pain. In talking about your own creativity you've used these words: selfish, struggle, churning, mess, horrible, straining, rubbish.

    This is really not a healthy way to approach your work. Even if your way of working produces the next genius bit of cinema -- do you really want to spend all this time putting yourself down?

    I feel more creative and generally more happy in the summertime, too --- but, creativity is creativity and it doesn't just turn off for winter. Before you know it the sun is out and you're blaming the fact that you've been too busy with friends as the reason for not being creative enough. It happens. Don't put too much thought into the wintertime affecting creativity. I know they invented SaD disease and Vitamin D supplements in recent years; but don't buy into the nonsense.

  12. I'm great (a bit tired but great!). I started with a new semester at university today and had 2 very interesting lectures which gave me so much to think about. Bliss!
    And yesterday I posted a beautiful guest post on my blog, written by very talented Barbara. You should check it out :)

  13. I'm not doing bad. On the job search, always a fun process. Oddly optimistic though :)

    I am feeling very creative and have been writing quiet a bit. Not so much on the blog but I've been writing rough copies of story ideas. Actually wrote up a story board last week. Trying to organize my thoughts, haha.

    I have been continuing on my 10th time through all of the seasons of the West Wing. Believe it or not I have made some new connections and some arc's have made more sense. Also, you have inspired me and I've been watchin a few movies (thank God for Netflicks). Watched Avatar finally, I'd give it a B; and I watched Inception which I'd give a rare A.

    Look forward to seeing an update Kid

  14. I'm full of ideas. For writing, drawing, to live, to do, even to cook. I'm also learning to play transverse flute, with means a lot to me; I had o problem with my arm with made me stop playing the cello, and I still can´t do it. So, I'm loving to play, and also singing.
    I'm actually learning to be happy. I've never lived before, and now I'm doing so much things, going out a lot, having a bunch of new friends. I'm full of hope.
    And, also, I have to read a text for some people from music class, and I immediatally tought of your Dealing With Criticism. This one really helped me, so I tought it could help someone else. So, just say yes;]

  15. Had a little writer's block, but it's better now. Good luck in all your projects. :-)