Thursday 9 December 2010

Movies I've Seen This Week

MONSTERS - 6/10 - watchable, although I felt kind of detached, like I didn't really care that much.

EASIER WITH PRACTICE - 6/10 - prototypical indie flick, slightly offbeat and weird. Mostly survived just one notch above boredom but the ending made up for it by being absolutely fascinating and beautifully acted.

CHICO & RITA - 8/10 - Beautiful movie. I had an hour between meetings yesterday so I watched the first hour of it. Loved it. Today I had an hour free again and by pure serendipitous luck the film was an hour in-- the girl at the cinema thought I was a bit weird for buying a ticket for a film have way through. A touching, old fashioned film; yet something surprisingly fresh and new.

DUE DATE - 7/10 - Fun! Beautifully shot, well directed and great acting by the Downey. A great way to spend a couple of hours.

THE AMERICAN - 5/10 - Clooney plays a slightly detached expert whose life is at risk in weird surroundings. He phones it in. Watchable but nothing more.

Care to share?


  1. Dear sir, The American is anything but phoned it. It is next to masterpiece. Why American's don't make films like this anymore is beyond me. This is a film to be treasured. I haven't seen the ones so no comment really there.

  2. I agree with your feelings of detachment on monsters, but i delighted in all the little set pieces, the abandoned tanks, planes and helicopters and the signs that all hinted at the activity of the creatures without having to see it first-hand. I think 6/10 was a bit mean of you ;]