Thursday 30 September 2010

It Comes In Threes - Mourning The Loss Of Hollywood Legends

I was in a car last night with my parents and my Brother, when I read about the sad passing of Arthur Penn who directed 'Bonnie & Clyde,' an iconic and important film in the history of cinema. This, of course, coming straight off the back of the unexpected death of film editor Sally Menke.

As I read out the article about Arthur Penn, I said to my family - "I wonder who's next, this always happens in threes."

And then this morning I read that actor Tony Curtis had died, aged 85. The death of Curtis being even more moving for me because he starred in one of my all time favorite films, 'Some Like It Hot,' and was one of the few remaining men from an era I long for.

The natural thing on news websites, blogs and social networks is to mourn the loss of the people who created things we loved - often forgetting that the real loss is for the friends and families of these people. So on the crazy off chance a relative of Sally, Arthur or Tony should ever read this blog - we are all immensely sorry for your loss -- from what we could tell, they were all wonderful people.

But what we know is their art - and for these three individuals, their contributions were immense. 'Bonnie & Clyde' is a landmark in the history of cinema, and has influenced thousands of films since, 'Some Like It Hot' managed something that only about three films in the history of cinema have; it warmed, inspired and excited every generation that came after it, and remains today as the greatest comedy film of all time. And then there's Sally Menke, a name that perhaps is only getting the recognition she deserves after death. Tarantino always knew how important she was, as did Tarantino's die-hard fans -- but now she's getting the praise she no doubt deserves. Tarantino is a once in a generation master -- but now it's become very apparent;underneath all the bloodshed and violence, was a woman steering the ship home, with an editing style that not only helped shape Tarantino's style; it really defined it.

Despite the very very very sad loss of these three amazing people - I feel inspired. Inspired by what a life can be, by what a person can do in the world and what they can leave behind. These are three names that nobody is going to forget.

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  1. TONY CURTIS DOES NOT DIE. There must be some mistake, Kid.

    This is all bad news.

  2. Three? Joe Mantell died also. From "Chinatown", "Marty" and "The Birds"

  3. Greg Giraldo is one of the three for many of us in the states. Great comedian.

  4. Since I still don't comment here I thought then I should recommend to my few readers at least your blog in general and especially this post (but it's in German sorry).