Monday 9 August 2010

JB Glossinger - Interview With MORNING COACH Founder.

JB Glossinger, the founder of, is an inspirational guy. He runs a podcast, every morning, which is all about giving people positivity, inspiration and ideas to go out into the day with. JB is the most dedicated person I know -- constantly working on new projects and helping people throughout the world. He never stops working and never stops improving himself and, in turn, helping other people turn their lives around and find focus. Although he doesn't work in film, I think his work is hugely relevant; which is why I interrupted his busy schedule and hurled some questions at him.

I'm always amazed by your commitment and perseverance. Dedication is a really difficult thing. How do you keep yourself focused?

By understanding that it doesn't happen overnight. I strive for 1% improvement a day. With that 1% daily goal, I gain clarity and am able to stay focused with a realistic goal. I also write a journal, which assists greatly in maintaining that clear mind.

A common thing with writers is, "I'm just waiting for the right idea," or for an actor, "I just need a bit more training," -- it's like we shelter ourselves for as long as we can from doing the actual work. What's that about?

Its a form of self sabotage. They are so comfortable in their world of lack, that they subconsciously hurt themselves by delaying actual hard work and staying safe in a fake comfort zone. Success is 99% perspiration and I can guarantee there is a less talented writer actually doing the work who will achieve greater results.

There is a big emphasis on having 'marketable' films or the right 'branding' as an actor. These things sit uncomfortably with me. It's a constant battle between trying to have integrity to my instincts and at the same time trying to survive in the industry. How should we facilitate these inner battles?

I would say trust your intuition and absolutely go with your instincts. If you are true to yourself, you will achieve the greatest level of success as you have retained your integrity and played to your strengths.

It's common for writers to have their best ideas when they're not expecting it, when they're busy doing other things, yet most of the time we're going crazy trying to force out ideas. Why is this? What can we do about it?

Because when we are not pushing, we are relaxed and as a result, our thoughts are pure and clear. Always carry a notebook or a journal.

A lot of actors, the minute they step into an audition, all their confidence and feelings of self worth go out of the window. Can you recommend anything for them to do prior to going into the room?

Conscious breathing and meditation. Take 5-10 minutes and practice deep, mindful breathing. Find a quiet place, sit comfortably and take long, deep breaths while mentally repeating a positive, powerful affirmation to yourself. For instance, "I am an amazing actor and I am a gift to the world."

You can find out more about MorningCoach by visiting the website here; and the podcast is also available through iTunes. You can also hear more from JB over at his blog.

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