Tuesday 3 August 2010

Discipline & Creativity - Am I Doing Everything I Can?

Am I getting up at a set time?

Do I have informative, fascinating and useful film podcasts on my iPod for while I'm travelling?

Do I Have Inspiring Music To Listen To?

Have I Set Goals For The Day?

Am I going to write today?

Am I going to keep full awareness of all the time I lose browsing on Facebook & refreshing Gmail?

Am I going to avoid negative people or at least cut down our conversations drastically?

Am I going to stand up for what I believe?

Am I going to be confident about my writing?

Am I certain of what I feel, before going into the meeting?

Am I eating well?

Am I hydrated?

Have I taken a moment to breath?

Am I wasting time watching bullshit on TV?

Am I going to ask if I need help?

Am I able to believe in myself?

Am I able to build awareness around my insecurities and the areas where I lack confidence?

Am I going to make that phone call I've been avoiding?

Am I going to reply to work-related emails immediately?

Am I just going to sit here or am I going to do the thing I said I'd do thirty minutes ago?

Am I going to go the extra mile when it comes to collaboration?

Am I going to support other people with their projects?

Am I going to be fearless?

Am I taking full responsibility for how good or bad my day is?

Am I wasting time moaning about someone, something, or someplace, when instead I could be taking action to improve the situation?

Am I Having A Good Day?

Care to share?


  1. I love this! I need to be asking myself so many of these things every day x

  2. Am I going to be fearless is a big one. Good list.

  3. This could almost be a list for PA. Procrastinators anonymous.

    If they had a PA, I mean. And if they did, I'd totally join. Eventually.

  4. it truly is a choice. excellent questions, of which how much time would you waste-- if you truly answered each, each day?

    or how much would you save?


  5. Wonderful post. You describe a perfect day. Impossible to achieve, but certainly worth striving for. Even doing 25% of what you suggest would create miracles. For all of you reading this invaluable post: easy does it.