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Friday 20 August 2010

'HUKKLE' is a truly unique and mesmerizing movie.

HUKKLE (HICCUP in English) is a Hungarian movie, directed by György Pálfi that made virtually no sense to me - but I loved it. It's artistic, without being artsy-arthouse-bullshit, it's confusing without being pretentious or condescending, and it's simple and minimal without being.. well, without being pretentious artsy bullshit.
It was just extremely fascinating to watch. There is virtually no dialogue in the film, and no main character. The film follows the lives of a bunch of interesting looking people and a bunch of different animals in a small Hungarian village. The various animals and insects play as big a role as the human characters. HUKKLE is very short for a feature film, at only 78 minutes - and it flies by. Visually, it's extremely compelling. As a cinematic experience (well, DVDmatic) it was unique, exciting and um, unique again. I don't know how to explain it.

This film is definitely original, hugely captivating, oddly humorous and, ultimately, a real delight. Just don't ask me to explain what it was about. I recommend it, without being able to say exactly why.


  1. I've had this flick in my queue for so long. I think you've finally given me a reason to shift it up to the top. It seems like it would fit in with the other things I love for reasons that are a mystery to me--like Brakhage films and Rothko paintings. I guess the mysterious things just continue to give because of their hidden depths.

  2. Apparently it was about how the women were trying to poison and kill all men in the village using the liquid made from the flowers. Or something like that.

    Review was absolutely spot on!